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Enter the dates, size, and price of your desired apartment into our online finder - there is also an option of choosing your preferred district. In case you should not find something suitable, you can always contact us personally. We are happy to do the search for you and we'll search as long as it takes to make you happy!

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This is what's special about us: unlike many other providers, we personally check out each and every apartment and rental object. In this way, we can assure that the apartment we're offering you has exactly all the facilities you need.

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Some like it loud, others like it quiet, some like it colorful and comfortable, others more stylish and chic - Berlin has all of this on offer and this is what makes the city so special. So, tell us which 'Berlin type' you are. We'll find out which district suits you best to compile a perfect selection of apartments approved by us to meet your needs.

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