Crocodilian Apartment Rental Agency Berlin

The Expert Flat Rental Agency in Berlin

Crocodilian is an expert agency for apartment rentals in Berlin.
If you come to Berlin and if you are looking for a temporary flat - we can help.

In our database, you find a selection of stylish furnished apartments in all parts of Berlin. With detailed photographs and videos. So it is easy to get an impression of the apartment, even if you are still abroad and if you cannot view the flat.
You can always start with a shorter rental period of 2-3 months. You can always extend the lease.
It is easy with Crocodilian. You can conclude the rental agreement with the owner online. The rental agreement is bilingual, German and English, of course.

The quality of the apartments is very important to us. But not only the quality - also the style.
If you move to Berlin, you want an apartment which feels like a temporary home. It should be modern, cosy, furnished and equipped with everything you need.

Service after the rental agreement has been concludedDuring our 13 years in business, we are familiar with all questions and problem might have tenants. If you have any questions, you are most welcome to call us during our business hours. Our service does not stop when the rental agreement is concluded. Tenants have lots of questions:

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