Heating Tips for Tenants of Furnished Apartments

Heating is a topic for all tenants, but definitely also for those who rent on a temporary basis. At the latest, this becomes a topic when the owner gets the yearly heating bill.

When it comes to temporary rentals, utility costs are already included in the rent. This sounds pretty good. Owners, however count on a tenant’s normal and responsible heating. This is also understandable as the property owner would increase the rent, if this were not the case. The fact of the matter is: heating in Germany is expensive. For this reason, be kind to the environment and be kind to the owner’s wallet. Both will be very grateful!

If everyone heated their properties correctly, at least 10 nuclear power plants could be shut down. This means that if heated up cooling fluids would no longer be directed into rivers, far fewer crocodiles would needlessly die due to heat-induced heart failure. 😉 If this last little titbit can’t be proved by science, proper heating (also in temporary apartment rentals) definitely makes a lot of sense.

Heating tips  furnished apartment


1.) Shock Ventilation as opposed to constantly tilted windows

Ventilation in winter is also necessary, even if the heating may still be on. This is very important because if an apartment is not ventilated, it is easily prone to attracting mould.

As opposed to having the window constantly tilted to ventilate, one should go for shock ventilation. Quite simply: open the window (wide!) for a few minutes and then shut it afterwards.

2.) Don’t Heat to the Maximum

Not everybody has the same heat threshold.  Some tenants like it very warm and are wont to turn the knob right up to 5. This is not very wise – even when you enter the property and it feels chilly at first. In a few minutes, you will get used to the temperature. In light of this, it is best to decide upon a moderate temperature. The best room temperature for living rooms and studies is 20°C degrees (68°F). For the kitchen and bedroom, 18°C (64°F) degrees are appropriate. When you turn the heat down in the bedroom (between 15-16°C – 59-60°F degrees is ideal), you will sleep even better!

3.) Don’t Heat all Rooms

Rooms that are infrequently used (such as the guest room, study or toilet) need not be fully heated. You shouldn’t turn off the heating completely, however. Between 10-15°C degrees (50-59°F) is ideal for these spaces. Do be warned. If you don’t heat at all, you run the risk of mould outbreaks. Walls then become damp more easily and mould can make itself at home. Excessive thriftiness in this regard is therefore not the best option.

4.) Close Doors

It is better not to keep all doors open. This way you avoid having cooler areas (such as the hallway of guest room) that get heated from the heating of other rooms. This consumes additional energy.

5.) Don’t Turn the Heating off Completely – For Longer Times Away, Turn It Down

Some tenants mean well by turning the heating off when they head off to work. When the heating is turned on again during the evening to heat the apartment, however, considerable energy is needed. This costs a lot in the process.

6.) Putting Furniture or Other Objects in Front of the Radiator

Heat must be able to spread itself throughout a room. If something is placed in front of the heating (it could even be a chair), then it makes it all the more difficult. Heating takes longer, leading to increased costs.

7.) Wear a Sweater Instead

A lot of temporary renters come from southern climes (South America or the Arabian region). Cold winters in these areas are hardly a thing. This certainly doesn’t mean that when it’s -5°C (25°F) degrees outside, one sits at one’s desk with a t-shirt and the heating set to tropical mode. Go for a sweater and the need for warmth diminishes considerably. Try it out!

For Tenants of Furnished Rental Apartments, this simply means:

…if you follow these 7 heating tips, there is nothing that can stand in your way to get into the hall of fame for the best tenant for temporary apartments. Your landlord and all the world’s crocodiles will be your greatest fans. :-)