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Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Furnishing tips for landlords: If you furnish an apartment, you should always keep in mind that tenant are looking for a a temporary home - not just an apartment.

Woman in front of wallpaper with furniture

Ten Tips: These Things shouldn't be in a Furnished Flat

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Is it possible to commit furnishing sins even when just decorating a temporary apartment? It may seem foolproof, but the answer is...yes! Take our advice: for an easier task start by banishing potted plants, Persian carpets, shelves of old and dusty books, scattered personal items, or worn-out discount cliche Berlin landscape panoramas on the walls, and other pictures that do more harm than good. And there are many more traps landlords fall into - check out our ten tips on how to avoid them, and watch your home become more in demand than ever.

7 Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

What should landlords pay attention to when furnishing? The first step is to put themselves in the position of the tenant. Landlords are now only allowed to rent to people who come to Berlin to work - and the majority of them are IT specialists with demanding jobs and long hours. Of course, these tenants need all the mod cons for day-to day living, such as fast Internet, a well-equipped kitchen, and comfortable furniture. They are not simply looking for a temporary apartment, but a real home. Our seven tips will reveal how you can maximize your apartment's homely feel and set-up with minimal effort.
bedroom with double bed

How to decorate the bedroom in a furnished apartment

Monday, 08. March 2021 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

How should landlords furnish the bedroom of an apartment to be rented out on a temporary basis? The question sounds obvious - there needs to be a bed. But in reality there are more factors to consider. Which frame size and mattress is ideal? How can you take hygienic precautions for bedding? Is there space for a desk in the room - and how should you decorate? Keep in mind that the bedroom should be the most comfortable and relaxing space in the apartment. With our seven tips, you can make it a sanctuary for your tenants - and meet all the practical requirements.
Kitchen in furnished flat

8 Tips for the Kitchen in a furnished Apartment

Monday, 08. March 2021 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Equipping a temporary apartment needs to be thought through with the costs of the kitchen in mind as a priority, as a fitted kitchen with all the necessary appliances is usually not cheap. For an apartment that is rented out for limited periods, a kitchen should look good, have a long life, and be easy to maintain. We outline for you what tenants expect from a kitchen in temporary apartment, what you should look out for when furnishing it - and the big nonos you should avoid.
stylish apartment in Belrin Mitte

7 Tips for Owners: What You Should Pay Attention to When Furnishing a Temporary Apartment

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Are you unsure which furniture is suitable for equipping a furnished temporary flat to the right standard, the furnishing style most tenants prefer, or what you should pay special attention to as a landlord? We'll fill you in on what people expect, what the different target groups normally are, and how best to start planning your rental apartment. Avoid disappointment and make sure your furnishing speaks to the tenants that you want in your home with our handy guide.
Cabinet close-up

The five most common furnishing mistakes landlords make

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Furnishing Tips for Landlords

Do you have problems renting out your furnished apartment, or find yourself constantly organizing visits only to find yourself with vacancies for months on end? Or are you finding you’re not receiving applications from the tenants you had in mind? It might be that the problem lies in the furnishing – there are many temporary apartments out there on the market, but very few are decorated well. To make your apartment more in-demand, stay away from the top five mistakes landlords make when furnishing.