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Ist renting out a furnished apartment still legal? Do owner also need a permission? Is is necessary to register for City tax? What are the effects of the rent cap, when does the law prohibiting the repurposing of residential housing apply?


Is temporary letting still allowed in Berlin?

Thursday, 07. January 2021 | Legal matters

The legal ban on the misappropriation of living space in Berlin now prohibits the rental of apartments on a daily or weekly basis, as well as leasing holiday apartments to tourists without permission. But what about renting out furnished apartments for a temporary period in Berlin? Do these also fall under the category of misappropriation? What are the criteria, when is letting allowed - and is it not? We cover everything you need to know - from conditions to exceptions - regarding the renting law in Berlin.
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The effect of the Berlin rent freeze for temporary apartments

Thursday, 07. January 2021 | Legal matters

More bad news for landlords in Berlin - the rent cap and rent freeze are yet to descend on the city, even though lawyers consider the massive encroachments on property rights nothing short of unconstitutional. The temporary letting of apartments in Berlin has long-been a thorn in the side of many of those concerned, and the media have repeatedly accused landlords of merely attempting to infiltrate the rent index. But this argument fails to consider why Berlin needs temporary housing - and that the real root of the housing shortage runs even deeper.
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Bestellerprinzip - New German Legislation regarding Commission Fee

Thursday, 07. January 2021 | Legal matters

The so-called ‚Bestellerprizip‘ (a new piece of German legislation regarding commission fees) came into force on the 1st of June, 2015. Lawmakers have now determined that owners can now call upon an estate agent or subletting agency. Originally, the law wanted to liberate long-term tenants from agency fees, since it became harder and harder for Berlin residents to find an apartment with an unlimited contract. The Bestellerprinzip makes less sense with furnished rentals. Anyway, what are the effects of this law?
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The rent cap in Berlin for furnished apartments FAQ

Thursday, 07. January 2021 | Legal matters

Does the rent cap in Berlin also apply to temporary furnished apartments? Will the rent freeze actually happen? And if so, how will it affect me? Many landlords fear a rocky and uncertain future as a result of the rent cap - and it is still unclear whether the law will be passed at all. The proposed law would have serious consequences not just for landlords, but also tenants, as renters who come from abroad will struggle to find an empty, long-term apartment. We have answers to the big questions about rent cap in Berlin – with more to follow as the situation unfolds.

Berlin laws regarding letting of furnished flats

Thursday, 07. January 2021 | Legal matters

We at Crocodilian have been successfully marketing and renting out furnished flats for over sixteen years. Mainly to tenants from abroad who come to Berlin to work. We are experts in this field. Don’t worry. We will not bore you with paragraphs and long legal texts. We will tell you what matters in practice. All information on the law on misappropriation of property, rent caps, the rental contract for temporary accommodation, rental periods, the registration law and the confirmation from the landlord, VAT etc. as well as further links to the individual topics.