Renting out a furnished Apartment with Crocodilian

Costs for Owners

We used to send the invoice for the commission fee to the tenant. This could be done until 1st June, 2015.

Now it is no longer legal any more to send the invoice to the tenant, (the so-called Bestellerprinzip). Now the owner receives the invoice for our service (20% of the rent each month, incl. VAT, maximum 200%).

Please note that there is no rent control on furnished apartments since the tenants, who rent an apartment, used to pay a commission fee dependent on the rent and the length of the rental.
If you have questions regarding the Bestellerprinzip, please give us a call.

Duties of the Owner

Owners always have to tell Crocodilian if the current tenant has extended the lease. We have to know, of course, if we should offer your flat to prospective clients and the fee for the extension period also has to be paid up until when the maximum commission fee has been reached.