Furnished Apartments that are not easy to rent out

Not all furnished apartments rent out easily, even if the location and furnishings are very good.

It is therefore useful to understand what the decisive factors for tenants are:

1. Price

The rents in Berlin or (still) lower than in New York or in London, so prospective tenants won’t compare the rent of a specific apartment to those in these cities but rather with other apartments on the market here in Berlin.Tenants also do not compare the rent of an apartment to hotel prices. Our clientele comes to Berlin for longer stays, usually for work.

2. Number of Bedrooms

Larger apartments, (that is to say 90 m² or more) are hard to rent out unless those apartments can be rented to more than 2 people and also come with two bedrooms or more.

Types of apartments that are difficult to rent out:

1. Very large apartments with only one bedroom

These apartments are relatively expensive, at least more expensive than smaller apartments.
For the rental of a second home, space is not that important. In essence, the place should not be too small and contain enough storage space to accommodate the contents of around two suitcases.

Tenants do often decide to rent an apartment because there is lots of space, but they have certain requirements how space needs to be used (for example, when there are children or guests come to visit. 

2. Very large apartments with two bedrooms, and owner only wants a couple

We certainly understand if owners do not wish to rent out a upmarket apartment to a family with small children. But it makes sense to consider renting to families with older children.

There are sometimes requests for two-bedroom apartments from couples or single people (who have family in another city). Then again, the rent will be the decisive factor in this regard.

3. Very spacious and expensive apartments

Apartments in the top price range of 3000 Euro (or even 2500 Euro, depending on number of bedrooms) are difficult to rent out, even if they are stylish and of top quality. The target group for those apartments is small - potentially companies who search for apartment for their top staff members and familiy.

Even if some prospective tenants can afford an expensive apartment and have an equally sized apartment as their first home, they will not necessarily go for the same type of apartment when they come to Berlin. They tend to go for something smaller, cheaper and easier to maintain. That is unless the company pays for all expenses, of course.

Sometimes there are requests for these kinds of apartments, but in the high-end price range, owners may run the risk of potentially only renting out their flat for a few months in a iven year. The chances of renting out always increase with the number of bedrooms and number of tenants that are accepted.

4. Private Apartments

Private apartments, of which the belongings of absent owners remain in the flat are also difficult to rent out. This is unless the particular apartments are either upmarket or relatively cheap. It is also important that these apartments not have a long minimum rental period - 12 months or even 8 months minimum rental period is far too long because most tenants want to be flexible and don't want to commit to such a long rental period from the outset. They rather prefer to extend the lease if they decide to stay longer.