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All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

TV – Still necessary in a furnished Apartment?

Even though nowadays people can use the Internet to watch TV and shows (the omnipresent Netflix!), a proper television is still an essential item in a furnished apartment for rent. A cable TV or DVB T2-Box is the standard. It should provide at least 3-4 channels. Tenants coming from abroad, often have a Netflix subscription.

retro tv

It is up to you if you want to subscribe to more channels, such as English-language ones (through Sky or Telekom), for your tenant. For tenants, this is usually not the biggest priority. Before you sign a contract with a service provider lasting several years, we recommend thinking about getting a valuable Blu-Ray player instead.

Tips for the TV

The TV, if possible, should not be too small. Make sure that cables are put behind the TV or in a cable box. Messy cables that are seen on the walls or on the floor completely ruin the aesthetics of a room.