Tenant Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Anmeldung - Registration at the Bürgeramt

Can Tenants register at the Bürgeramt when they rent a temporary Apartment?

Yes, tenant can and have to register if they have a rental agreement and a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung from the landlord. It makes no difference whether you rent a temporary apartment or if you sign an unlimited contract. But please be aware: It is not possible to register with a hotel address.

Can tenants of furnished apartments register at the Burgeramt

Does the Landlord have to fill out the Wohungsgeberbestätigung?

Yes. As a tenant, you the right to ask for the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung and the owner has to sign it. Please be aware, that you should give the owner some time to fill in and send you the form.
Some tenants ask the landlord two days before their appointment at the Bürgeramt. You should not expect owners to fill in the form at short notice.

Do I get a Rental Agreement if I rent a Flat at Crocodilian?

Yes. Tenants and owners can conclude the rental agreement online. Normally, Crocodilian also prepares the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung and sends it to the owner.

What else should Tenants consider regarding the Anmeldung?

  • Landlords are legally only allowed to rent out their apartment to tenants who come to Berlin to work here. Not to tourists. You will be ask to provide a contract. If you are a freelancer, please let us know and we will check options.

  • It might take a while to get an appointment at the Bürgeramt so please make sure that you arrange it before you move to Berlin. You can book your appointment online. It also makes sense to check the availability of appoinments in other areas of Berlin. You might get an earlier appointment in e.g. Spandau.

  • Tenants usually rent a furnished temporary apartment until they have found an apartment for unlimited lease. Usually this takes some time, since the housing market in Berlin is very tense. So so might not find an unfurnished flat immediately.

  • Please also note that landlords only rent out flats for a minimum period of 2 months. Sometimes the minimum rental period is even longer. This is also due to a new law. It won't be possible to rent an apartment for only one month in order to get the Anmeldung.

  • If you move, you also have to chance the address on your Anmeldung.

Please find more information on the landlords confirmation of residence, the so called Wohnungegeberbestätigung on the Crocodilian Blog.