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Bathrooms in furnished Apartments

Tenants renting a furnished apartment for a limited amount of time pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen. A modern, renovated and well kept bathroom is very important to the majority of them. Limescale and grotty tiles are not particularly inviting.

Whether you choose to install a bath or a shower cubicle really depends on the amount of space you have available. If you choose a bath, you should make sure that it’s possible to shower standing up. Also ensure that no water can spray onto the floor. A glass panel/wall is best suited for this.

Plastic cubicles are of course cheaper, but they attract limescale a lot more quickly and as a result do not age well. Shower curtains have a similar disadvantage, in that they often have to be replaced.

Make sure there is enough usable space in the bathroom as well as adequate lighting. Coloured accents and decorative features made from natural materials for example, will give your bathroom a certain something and transform it from a plain and simple washroom, into a lovely place to relax.