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All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals



One of the most important things for a rented, furnished apartment to have is a bed with a good, comfortable mattress. A nice apartment can seem very annoying if the tenant has to wake up every morning with back problems. You are not renting out a hotel room for one night where it is okay to have a bad mattress. Your apartment will be rented out for a longer period of time and no tenant will want to have an uncomfortable mattress. So carefully choose the mattress that you buy. It does not need to be a very expensive one, but rather a standard product that is not so soft and not too hard. Somewhere in the middle.

Do not forget to provide slip-covers for the mattress. These protect the mattress from spots and stains. For both the mattress and the covers, IKEA provides affordable, good quality products.

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Beds should be ideally 160cm wide. People very rarely ask for 180cm. Make sure that it is one mattress and not two joined together with a gap in the middle. This is uncomfortable. If there is not enough space in the bedroom then at times a 140cm wide bed will do. Or if you have a very small apartment, then even a single bed is acceptable. We advise against buying a sofa-bed as the only sleeping place in the apartment. The stability of the bed is also very important.

Bedcovers, Blankets and Pillows

It is best to buy bedcovers and blankets that are easily washable. Make sure to buy a material that will also be suitable for most people with allergies. Metro e.g. has good blankets that are durable for 4 years. We do not recommend feather blankets or feather pillows. The standard size 135 x 200 e.g. is lighter and easy to wash and dry. It is cheaper and has a wider selection. To make sure that the pillows do not get yellow with use, we recommend that you buy pillow covers as well.

To make the bedroom seem more appealing it is recommended that the bedcovers do not need to be ironed after washing. This saves time and energy for the tenant. Also it is better if the bedcovers and the towels are bought in the same colour range so that they can always be washed together.

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