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Holiday Flat – Temporary Rentals: what is the Difference?

In both cases, furnished apartments are concerned. Be aware though that temporary rental properties have very little in common with a quick holiday rental.

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The target group is different

People who search for temporary rentals for a limited amount of time in Berlin (between a few months or a year) have different objectives. They may be on assignment for work in Berlin, or are looking for an interim property until they find an apartment of their own. Temporary rentals are most often rented out by singles, couples and families. Families or tenants of more than two people more often than not require more than just a bedroom. Holiday flats on the other hand are generally rented out by tourists, who are only in Berlin for a (very) short period of time. In this case, several people may rent out a holiday flat where some can also sleep on sofa beds in the living room. In contrast to temporary rental, this is short-term solution and for this reason multiple bedrooms are not a must.


A temporary rental is a second home. Tenants in this case are looking for a retreat, where they can relax, be in comfort and take advantage of a truly homely atmosphere, when not in the active hustle and bustle of their working lives. Above all, apartments that are destined to be temporary rentals should be cosy and not leave too sober an impression for the prospective inhabitant. Tenants generally do not bring their own furnishings or decoration with them in such circumstances. Most holiday rentals are fairly basic when it comes to décor and furnishings. Given the fact that they need to be cleaned in rather frequent intervals, the furnishings are basic and sparse – no carpets, textiles or specific decoration pieces. With holiday rentals, what counts is easy maintenance. Since holiday-makers spend most of their time outside of the apartment, making the flat feel genuinely cosy and inviting is not the greatest priority.


Temporary rentals cost less than holiday flats. Regarding monthly rental costs, property owners tend to go by ‘typical’ rental prices for unfurnished apartments (including heating, electricity and all auxiliary costs.) You can take a look that the current price level of a range of flat types if you search for a furnished apartment on the Crocodilian website. The price for temporary rentals so be calculate in such a way that an apartment is practically always rented out. With holiday rentals, owners are focussed on prices on a nightly basis. In turn, they also need to consider vacancy periods.

Legal Stipulations

For holiday flat rentals, a special permit is required. On top of this, property owners must also pay city tax on holiday flats for a less than two months rental for the first 21 days. For longer (temporary) rentals, city tax is no longer applicable.

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