Tenant Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Duties of the Tenant of a furnished Apartment

Why you should read the rental Agreement carefully

There are a few things, that tenants of temporary apartments should pay attention to. First of all, it is important to understand, that renting an apartment an apartment different from living in a hotel. The responsibilities are the same as with unlimited contracts.

Keeping the Apartment clean and tidy

The tenant has to keep the apartment clean and tidy during hte whole rental period and has to clean it regularily and has to remove limescale in kitchen and bathroom. Coarse dirt and limescale that has not been removed for e.g. a year, cannot be removed during final cleaning.

Airing and Venting of the Apartment

The tenant has to air and vent the apartment every day to avoid humidity and mould.

Reporting Damages

Whether or not the tenant is responsible for possible damages, or not, he or she is required to report them to the owner (e.g. water stains on the wall). In most cases, the problem can be solved quickly and easily. It only becomes a major issue if it is not sufficiently taken care of. In the worst case, the tenant can be hold responsible if he or she does not get in touch with the owner.

Careless Waste of Engergy

Please be eco-friendly and don’t waste energy – gas, water, electricity. The cost of energy is very high in Berlin as well.

Access to Apartment

The tenant has to allow the owner to access the apartment for reading meters, repairs or for showing the apartment to new prospecitve tenants. The owner has to contact the tenant in advance, of course, and for this reason you should make sure that the owner has your mobile and office number etc.

What Tenants are not allowed to do

Illegal Up- and Download

Tenants are not allowed to surf on illegal websites or to up- or download illegal data (eg. Music or films). This is a criminal offence in Germany and it has already become big business since law firms have started writing warning letters to owners of internet connections, asking for large sums of money. At worst, the owner can ask the money from you.


Smoking is not allowed inside any Crocodilian apartment. It is only possible to smoke on the balcony or in the garden.

Assignment to third Party, Sublease

It is not possible to leave the apartment to a third party, e.g. friends, when you are away. And it is not possible to sublease the apartment either.


Similar unlimited rental agreeements, it is not possible to set the deposit off against the rent.