Tenant Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Families with children searching for a furnished apartment

Which apartments are suitable for Families?

Temporary rentals work differently from booking e.g. a hotel room or holiday accommodation. Children also count as a 'legal person'. If for example an apartment is offered for two people, it cannot be rented by two adults with a child. If tenants organize a cradle for a baby themselves, it is sometimes possible to rent a flat for two persons maximum. It is also taken into account whether the apartment is spacious enough for a play pen or a baby changing table. In this case, there also may be a possibility. If you have a baby and you are interested in a specific apartment, we are happy to get in touch with the owner and ask.

Please always specify the age of your children when requesting or applying for an apartment.

Apartments with more than one bedroom

Apartments with more than one bedroom are labelled on our website (see icon "suitable for families").
Please note, that apartments which are suitable for families are more often than not 'not childproof'. It is the tenant’s duty to look after a child's safety.

Apartments for families always have more than one bedroom, or a study with a sofa bed which can also be used as a bedroom. It is not possible for children to sleep in the living room. Sleeping facilities in the living room are not intended for daily use, but rather for occasional visitors.