Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Ground Floor Apartments

Renting an Apartment on the Ground Floor

Apartments on the ground floor are usually cheaper to buy than those on higher floors. But they also do not get rented out for high amounts and are not desired by all too many tenants.

That does not mean that an apartment on the ground floor will not be rented out at all. As the owner, however, you should be ready in case a prospective tenant changes their mind and does not want to sign a contract.

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Safety for Ground Floor Apartments

Safety, of course, is of top priority to tenants. Apartments on the ground floor and on the mezzanine should be protected properly (e.g. using a security device). Tenants want to be sure that a tilted window cannot be easily opened.

Privacy in Ground Floor Apartments

All the rooms in apartments on the ground floor should have blinds or curtains on the windows so that maximum privacy is guaranteed. There is of course a difference between ground floor apartments that are in the side-wing or back-wing of the building, rather than facing the main street. But even if the view is to the courtyard, the security of the tenants should be ensured.