Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

What is the Average Rental Period?

This question is on the whole a bit difficult to answer. Tenants request apartments from between one month to a year – sometimes even longer. We recommend owners to always organise the Rental Agreement for a maximum of one year. Otherwise you can run the risk of having a contract for an indefinite rental period and getting permanent tenants. Having a one year Rental Agreement automatically makes it temporary, which is to your advantage.


Most of the prospective tenants work in Berlin and look for apartments for several months. So it is important to them that the Rental Agreement is flexible in terms of the rental period and that the owner provides an option to extend the lease. Because of the temporary nature, it can be difficult if you want to rent out your apartment for no less than 12 months.

But of course if you have a very good apartment, you should not just rent it out month by month. Usually for such apartments we always try to find tenants who want to rent for a longer period of time. When you list your furnished apartment, you can easily enter the minimum and maximum rental period for your apartment. We will then use this time period while trying to find a proper tenant for you.