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Owner Glossary

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How many tenants does your flat accommodate?

The Registration Form: what to pay attention to

If you want to offer your furnished apartment in Berlin for rental, please fill in the registration form for ownerst

Here, you can indicate how many people (maximum) you want to rent to. Unlike in hotels or holiday rentals, children do count as 'legal persons'. Please keep in mind that it might not be such a good idea to rent to maximum of 4 people, if you have an apartment with two rooms and one bedroom only, even if there may be a sofa bed in the living room. It won’t obviously be ideal to rent this flat to four people over several months. We certainly would not recommend this. The sofa bed should rather be used for when occasional visitors come.

With larger flats (meaning 3 rooms or more), we recommend to offer these to more than 2 people. We know, of course, that the fewer the tenants there are, the better it is for the owner but this is not entirely realistic. Most tenants only rent a three-room apartment if it has two bedrooms or if it is flexibly furnished – e.g. with a study that can be transformed into a second bedroom.
For most tenants, the size of the apartments is not so important – rather the number of bedrooms is what counts. A separate dining room is certainly less important. Rather, this has the opposite effect; it becomes more time consuming to keep a larger flat clean. Working professionals who work all day long, for that reason, tend to rent out smaller and more practical flats.