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Info for Owners of Furnished Lofts in Berlin

Does it make sense to rent a furnished loft in Berlin? This question is not so easy to answer. It depends. Renting out smaller lofts is not a problem at all. That is if the furnishings and the location are okay and if it is not overpriced, of course.
Renting out larger lofts in the luxury price bracket is not so easy. The number of rooms, and particularly bedrooms is a very important factor for tenants, even if they have more money to spend. Size is often not so much of an issue. Most tenants who are prepared to spend a higher sum on rent, need more than one bedroom, either for children or to accommodate visitors. So if you rent out a large flat, it should have at least two bedrooms or one bedroom and a room for guests which can also be used as an office. A separate dining room is not so important.

If you already are an owner of a quality-furnished loft, please register the apartment on our website and send us photos. You will get feedback from us within one or two days.

Buying a Loft in Berlin

Renting out a larger loft is not so easy, although not hopeless. But if you think of buying a larger loft in Berlin for furnished rentals, you should calculate your monthly costs including heating, internet (other additional costs), and the rent you need to obtain. You should compare your offering to other offers for furnished flats already on the Berlin market.