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Is a Dishwasher Part of the basic Equipment?

A dishwasher, even a smaller model, in a furnished apartment is always an advantage. Even if your tenant doesn't do much cooking. A dishwasher should be available in high quality apartments and apartments rented to couples or families.

In very cheap apartments and when space is limited, the tenant will not necessarily expect a dishwasher. However, if you have space problems and there is only room for one appliance - washing machine - or dishwasher, you should opt for the washing machine. A washing machine is part of the basic equipment.


The Advantages of a Dishwasher in a temporary furnished Apartment:

  • Better rentability:
    A dishwasher is an absolute must for many tenants
  • Energy saving:
    Washing by machine is more environmentally friendly than washing up by hand in the sink
  • Less effort for the final cleaning
    With a dishwashing in the apartment, badly washed dishes and increased effort in the final cleaning are avoided

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