Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals


Make sure that the lights (especially ceiling lights) in your apartment are not too high. If they are too high then it is difficult to change them, in case they break or the bulbs wear out. In the Crocodilian Rental Agreement, it states that the tenant is responsible for the replacement of any such material that is used, such as light bulbs. If the light bulbs are too high, consider providing the tenant with a step ladder so that they can easily replace any used bulbs.


Proper Lighting in the Apartment

No matter how well decorated your apartment is, if there is no proper lighting, the value of the apartment goes down. Adequate lighting plays a very important role in making tenants feel comfortable in the apartment. So make sure that the entire flat has good lighting installed. Just having ceiling lights everywhere is not enough. Few apartments are properly lit and therefore lose value. Owners of apartments in older buildings should especially make sure that the property is sufficiently lit. More often than not, the ceiling lighting in the older buildings is dispersed throughout and does not provide a nice atmosphere. In general, make sure that there is more lighting in the flat than just ceiling lights.

Differentiate between Atmospheric and Functional Lighting

You should know where to place mood lighting and where to place functional lighting. Lights for ambience are those that create a nice living environment (e.g. lamps on tables or other lighting on walls in the living room or bedroom). Make sure, however, that the dining table, writing tables, bathroom and kitchen are properly appointed with the standard (or functional) lighting.