Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Moving-in & moving-out procedure

Handing over of the apartment or the keys to the tenant

It is very important to thoroughly arrange the handing over of the apartment or the keys with the tenant. Many tenants come from abroad, so the procedure must be discussed beforehand. Make sure you know exactly what date and time the tenant plans to arrive and move in to the apartment. How the handover will take place must be decided and confirmed with the tenant. The Crocodilian rental agreement has an extra section specifically for this purpose. Sometimes it can happen that tenants arrive a few days early in Berlin and tell us that they haven’t heard back from the owner. For this reason, it is better if everything is decided beforehand. This means that tenants who come from the USA can plan ahead and not be confused when they come to Berlin.

box with keys

Moving out, final cleaning and returning keys

The entire moving out procedure should be clearly stated in the rental agreement. The tenant must know beforehand exactly when (date and time) they should leave the apartment, and where they should leave the keys. It is good practice for the tenant to move out a few days before the end of the month. This allows time for you to check the flat for damages and repairs. You can also arrange for the flat to be cleaned before the next tenant moves in.

Also let the tenant know the condition in which they should leave the apartment (e.g. should something be washed, replaced, etc).