Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Occupancy Rate

As an owner of a furnished apartment you probably want to know how many months of the year your apartment will be rented out so you can make a realistic estimate of the rental price.
There are lots of apartments for temporary rental on the market, but not all of them are attractively furnished. At Crocodilian, we have more requests than we have apartments on offer.

Crocodilian checks every apartment for its chances on the market before we offer it on our website. Nice apartments in good areas are usually rented 95% of the year.

Good, centrally located, tastefully furnished and well-equipped apartments offered for a reasonable price are well sought after by tenants. There is especially high demand for 1 and 2 room apartments (3 room apartments as well if they have two bedrooms).

planer and pen

Many apartments advertised online are hard or impossible to rent out because the design is not up to date or the furniture looks like it was assembled rather randomly. Good tenants usually have rather high standards. This does not mean it only pays to rent out luxury apartments. It is also a question of who you want your target group to be.

The following should be avoided, when furnishing an apartment

  • carpeted floors
  • no DSL, a surf stick won't do
  • apartments that haven’t been renovated for a longer period of time (old bathrooms, no built-in kitchen etc.)
  • comparatively high rent whilst being on the 5th floor without lift
  • old-fashioned furniture - not everything can be defined vintage
  • mix of different styles and too many different colours
  • plants (with the exception of on balcony)
  • apartment excessively filled with cluttery knickknacks
  • too many personal items belonging to the owner