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Parking: Bringing your Car to Berlin

Parking in Berlin is not so easy. If you can avoid it, don't bring your own car. It is faster and more convenient to travel by public transport. Finding a space to park can be difficult sometimes, especially in the evening in the parking zone districts and during the daytime in other centrally located areas.

Parking Zones in Berlin - Residents Parking Permit

You find parking zones for the most part in the city centre (most parts of Mitte, most parts of Prenzlauer Berg, some parts of Friedrichshain, some of Charlottenburg, Steglitz, around Schloßstr and the town centre of Spandau)
Here you have to buy a ticket.
For these districts, you can get a resident's parking permit, which is valid for either one or two years. This parking permit is obtainable at the Bezirksamt. You have to be legally registered as living in Berlin in order to get one.

City Parking

In Berlin, you won't be able to find many car parks. Please check the map with parking guide and the list with car parks for all available options.
Please note that only very few temporary apartments are rented with parking.