Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

A Pet-friendly Apartment

You own a pet and would like to sublet your private apartment

On the Crocodilian website, you can find the registration form for owners. Using this form you can register your apartment with us in a quick and easy fashion. We will get back to you immediately and set up an appointment for a photoshoot. If you are a pet owner, please do not forget to mention this in the form and there is a special field in the form for that. Also remember mentioning whether you own a dog or a cat. This is important information for people with allergies.

cat and dog sleeping next to each other

Tenants with pets

You can also include in the registration form whether you wish to rent your apartment out to someone with a pet or not. To do this, please mark the relevant field with a cross (either dog or cat). We sometimes receive requests from prospective tenants who have a pet but it is very rare that they find an apartment where pets are allowed. Apartments with high quality fixtures and furnishings very rarely go to tenants with pets. It really does depends whether the owner has dog or cat. If they bring a dog, then it may depend on its size, hair length and breed.

If your apartment has some disadvantages, such as it not being in a very good location or in good condition, then you should consider allowing tenants with pets. You can always charge a higher security deposit for tenants with them. Usually it is easy to calculate the risk when renting out to a tenant with a dog. Dogs usually do not create a lot of problems. It is a little more risky with cats as they can be unpredictable.