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Pets in furnished apartments

In a nutshell:

If you have a cat or a dog, you will most likely take it with you when you move to Berlin. It is often difficult, if you want to find a furnished flat where cats are allowed. Dogs are easier, but not all owners accept dogs. But owners sometimes can be convinced.

Cats and dogs - temporary rentals

Unfortunately, renting an apartment in Berlin isn't so easy if you want to bring your pet along. Understandably, owners prefer to rent out to tenants who do not have a cat or a dog. As you are only renting a furnished apartment, owners are afraid that cats could scratch the sofa or the wall, or that everything could be covered with dog’s hair when you move out.

dog lying on the floor

Cats in furnished flats

In spite of this, there may still be a chance that you can find a furnished apartment to rent with a dog - but preferably a smaller one. Cats on the other hand are often too unpredictable, and there is almost no chance of securing an apartment if you bring a cat. So if you apply with a cat, be prepared that there is a high chance it may not work out. If you are planning on bringing more than one cat, you should check other options. Even if you offer a higher deposit, there is always the chance that the flat-owner will not allow pets.

In the past, there have been cases of cats tearing down wallpaper and causing other types of damage to the apartment. Therefore, owners don't want to risk the hassle from the beginning. Most would rather avoid the situation completely than be offered money for repairs or end up in a situation where the apartment can no longer be rented after you have moved out. Owners are looking for the easiest solution, therefore will always prefer a tenant without a pet, especially if they get several applications.

Dogs - tips for dog owners who want to rent a furnished flat

On our website, you can Here you can find a furnished apartmentwhere dogs are allowed

But still, this is not a guarantee that the owner will accept your request. However, owners of other apartments could be convinced to rent out to a tenant with a dog.

It's often useful to give us a call before filling in an application form. When you apply, you should give us more information regarding your dog – size, weight, age, breed, and information on who will take care of the dog during the day. Please also send a photo of the dog - it could very well happen that the owners of the apartment change their mind when they take a see it.

We would always advise against bringing more than one dog, as it will be very difficult for you to find an apartment. If you want to rent a specific apartment and the owner is hesitant to rent it out to you because of your dog, you can always offer to pay a higher deposit; however, this is still no guarantee. Dog owners should also be prepared to pay a higher fee for the final cleaning, on top of a higher deposit.