Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Photoshoot Appointment

When do we set up an appointment for a photoshoot?

After you have successfully submitted your application for renting out your apartment through the form on our website, you will also have to send us a few basic pictures of every room in the apartment. We will then give you immediate feedback on the chances of your apartment being rented out. We will also discuss in detail with you about the price you expect to get, the minimum rental period and other such details.
If we decide to put your apartment on our website, then we will set up an appointment with you for a professional photoshoot. We will come to your apartment and take photos ourselves that will be put up on the website. For this, you should set up your apartment in such a way that it looks uninhabited. It is generally difficult if there is already a tenant there.

man taking pictures

Was ist wichtig für den Fototermin?

What is important for the photoshoot?

A good collection of photos of your apartment is very important to attract tenants. To find the perfect tenant, the apartment should be in a very neat and tidy state for the photoshoot. Not only does the main apartment area need to be tidied up properly, but also the kitchen and bathroom. To get an idea of how the apartment should look for a photoshoot, just think of how you'd like it to look when the tenant moves out.


Apartments that have a bit of style, tasteful decoration and are not too cluttered look a lot better in photos and attract a lot more tenants. If you have a very white-coloured apartment with a lot of black or dark furniture, having contrasting items that bring out the colours in photos is really important. For example, consider having colourful pillows and picture frames in this instance. It doesn't cost that much but it makes a very big difference for the pictures.


The beds should always be properly made before the photoshoot. Uncovered mattresses do not look very nice. Make sure that the colours of the bedcovers match the colour scheme of the whole room. A blanket or cover on top of the bed is recommended if the bedcovers do not look very smooth.