Owner Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Procedure - How our service works

Registering the furnished apartment

The first step is to list your apartment on our website. You will find the registration form under “Registration of Flat.” Please remember to enter details in all the fields that are marked with a pink asterisk. You can of course change individual details later e.g. rental period, price etc. You just need to send us an email or simply call us and we will do it ourselves.

As soon as you send in the form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please also send us photos of your furnished apartment via E-mail. All the information regarding the size of the photos and the e-mail address etc can be found in the confirmation email.

Assessing your apartment

After receiving your application, we will go through it and assess your apartment. You will receive immediate feedback regarding the rental price, chances of renting out, etc. Please note that, unfortunately, we cannot accept every application. We market apartments that are central, modern and elegantly decorated. To get an idea, you can look at the offered apartments on our website. We will also talk to you about the type of tenant that you are targeting.

If we decide to take your apartment, we will then set up an appointment with you for a photoshoot which is free of charge. In case the apartment is rented out already or an appointment can’t be made immediately, we will use the photos that you sent us for our website. Of course after that we will try to have to organise a professional photoshoot as soon as possible.

Offering your apartment on our website

We will create an Expose for your apartment in both German and English and we will then make the apartment available then on our website. Now interested tenants can apply for your apartment. It might be the case that we already have a request from a prospective tenant and that your apartment fits the tenant’s needs. But generally it is the prospective tenants who apply for particular apartments.

Assessing the prospective tenant, exchange of contact details

In the next step, we carefully look at the tenant and see if he or she is a genuinely interested person or not. We then also give you the details of the interested party. It is up to you to decide if you want to rent out your furnished apartment to the prospective tenant for the rental period proposed by the tenant. If you are interested then we put you and the tenant in contact with each other to discuss all details personally.

Viewing the apartment

A lot of our customers, especially the ones from abroad (USA, Australia, Canada etc) rent out the apartment a month in advance and do not have the opportunity to view it. The others are usually already in Berlin and have the chance to set up a viewing appointment. This appointment is organised by the owner.

Rental Agreement for a furnished flat

Even if a spoken contract is binding, we always recommend having everything in written form. Crocodilian offers the tenants and the owners a very special service. You can fill out our Online Rental Agreement (available both in English and German). It is easy, fast and saves you time sending everything back and forth via the post or fax. Our online contract is a proper legal document.

The tenant pays the rent and the deposit directly to your account. So please do not forget to state all your bank detailsproperly(including BIC&Swift and IBAN codes for international tenants) in the Rental Agreement.

In the Rental Agreement you can also state, after clarifying, the conditions for an option to extend the lease. We can also discuss and explain all the details regarding the Online Rental Agreement, once you are about to enter into agreement with a tenant.