Tenant Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Students: Renting furnished apartments to Students

Students renting a studio apartment

Owners rent out small and mostly inexpensive flats to students. Working professionals, however, are always preferred. This is namely due to the fact that they earn their own income, are more experienced with renting apartments, and know the duties of a tenant.


If students apply for a flat, owner most often ask us who is going to pay the rent. So if you are a students looking for an accommodation, it is good if you give us all this information in advance.

Students looking for a flatshare

Please note that we don’t rent out furnished rooms in shared flats. If you rent an apartment, you are not allowed to rent out spare rooms, your room, or the whole flat as a sublet. This is very important. Only tenants mentioned in the rental contract are allowed to live in the apartment. It does not make any difference whether you take money for subletting or just leave the apartment to friends.

Groups of students looking for an apartment in Berlin

Owners rarely rent out flats to groups of students. Most flats only have one bedroom. A two-room flat in the German sense means a flat with a living room and one bedroom.
It is not possible to use the living room with the sofa bed as another bedroom. The sofa bed is only intended for the occasional visitor.
Apartments with more bedrooms are usually quite expensive as the utilities also have to be calculated for a family.
Owners are not too keen on renting out to students as they are afraid that students may not keep the flat clean, may not report problems, or have parties or lots of visitors.

If you are looking for a flat for a group of students, please give us more information regarding yourself and the other tenants. If you are older, a graduate, Ph.D. student or in your late 20's, your chances are better than if you are an Erasmus student.
We cannot guarantee that an owner will accept your application, but it would help if you are prepared to pay for a weekly cleaning service, or to pay a higher deposit.