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Rents in Berlin

Rents in Berlin - What rents to expect

In Berlin, rents are still fairly low, compared to other major cities in Europe, but prices have gone up considerably in the last 3 years. Not only have rents gone up, but additional costs, like water, gas, electricity, etc have also increased. Gas and electricity companies are raising their prices nearly every year, and not just by a few Euros. This means that furnished apartment owners have to raise the rents (all additional costs are normally included) as well.

Good, central, and popular areas are not cheap. Take a look at the price trends listed below:

One-room apartment

Prices start at around 750-1000 Euro, depending on the quality standard, area, length of rental period, etc. Studio apartments for 750 Euro are hard to find and are very much in demand. Such flats are usually rented out for 6 months or more. Cheaper apartments are sometimes located on the ground floor. For 1000 Euro, you can get a top quality apartment in a very good location.

Furnished three-room apartment with two bedrooms

Three room apartments most often have two bedrooms. Prices start from around 1300 Euros, and apartments in this category are nearly always rented out for a longer period of time. Normally, there are more requests than there are apartments available. Stylish three-room apartments with top-quality furnishing in good locations are offered for around 2500 Euros or higher, midprice apartments are around 1300-3500 Euros.

Larger apartments with four, five or six rooms

(Two bedrooms, one living room, kitchen and bathroom)


(One bedroom, one living room, kitchen, one or two bathrooms)

Either larger apartments with three rooms or luxury apartments naturally have much higher prices - which vary depending on the particular flat and location.

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