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Sofa Bed instead of a 'real' Bed?

With small apartments – one-room flats or studio apartments – there can always be a problem with space. Owners who start furnishing a very small flat often have to decide whether to buy a sofa bed or a real bed. When it comes to limited space, a sofa bed seems to be the better choice for lots of owners. But for most tenants, a bed with a quality mattress is one of the most important pieces of furniture in an apartment and they prefer it to a sofa bed, even if the quality of the sofa bed might also be very good.

room with sleeping couch

Sofa beds are alright as a bed for guests and for occasional usage (most sofa beds are designed with that purpose in mind) but tenants who rent for a longer period of time nearly always want a real bed. So if you are still in the process of furnishing an apartment, we recommend to buy a real bed instead of a sofa bed. And if you don't have enough space for an additional sofa, buy an armchair instead.

Sofa beds also only make sense if you provide a bed drawer or large wardrobe for the bedding so that during the daytime the bed can be turned back into a sofa.

If you have already furnished your Studio Apartment with a Sofa Bed

If you already have a sofa bed in your apartment, this doesn't now mean that you have to throw it away or that the apartment will be impossible to rent out. It is only makes it slightly more difficult. Apartments with real beds definitely go first.
Please make sure that you also provide a bed drawer or a large wardrobe for the bedding during the daytime and also make sure that the bed can actually be turned into a sofa, when not in use as a bed.