Tenant Glossary

All Questions A–Z regarding temporary rentals

Viewing an apartment

In a nutshell:

It is possible to view an apartment before you rent it. But you can not make a reservation. If another tenant rents the apartment without prior viewing, the furnished flat will be gone. The owner normally starts to organize viewings a few weeks before the current tenant moves out.

Is it possible to view a furnished apartment before renting?

Yes, it is - generally speaking, but not in every case. Remember, not all owners want to organize an endless amount of viewings. They will often have to arrange viewings with their current tenants, who won't be too keen on having a visitor show up every other day. Before we can get in touch with the owner, please fill in the application form. Without an application, viewings are unfortunately not possible. Owners also wish to find out basic details of prospective tenants in advance, as well as to be sure that they are seriously interested.

As soon as we have received your application form for an apartment (it is enough just to fill in the form once), we will get in touch with the owner and ask if they are interested in your request, and if a viewing is possible. Sometimes, other people are interested in the same apartment who want to rent for a longer period of time, or who want to rent without prior viewing. It is our job to find out how your chances are, if a viewing is possible, and if so - when.

viewing of an apartment

How fast can a viewing be organized?

The owner cannot just enter a rented apartment to show it to a prospective tenant. To arrange the viewing, the owner has to get in touch with the current tenant of the place first. For this reason, it may take a couple of days and sometimes longer before the viewing can be arranged.

When can an apartment be viewed?

Viewings are normally organized 2-4 weeks before the current tenant is going to leave. This is due to the fact that if a tenant may decide to extend the lease for another month, and can give the owner notice up until one month before the contract ends. Owners will, of course, only organize a viewing if they are sure that the current tenant is going to move out. A lot of apartments are rented out without prior viewing, and so it could be that the owner decides to go with the tenant who will rent the apartment without viewing. If you are only interested in one specific apartment and would like to know what your chances are, it is best to call and ask us directly.