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Viewing without Request Form

Is a Viewing possible without filling in the Request Form?

Viewing an apartment without having filled in the Request Form is unfortunately not possible. Here are the links to the Request Form:

For private people

For firms and institutions

Why is it important to fill out the Request Form for a Viewing?

Owners only want to organise viewings for serious and interested clients. They, understandably, do not want to organise an endless amount of viewings. The application form helps them to get to know the interested clients better. Owners can find out beforehand who the prospective tenants are, how many people want to rent their flat, how long they want to rent, etc. This way they can identify the serious prospective tenants and then arrange viewings for them.

If an apartment is already rented out, which is very often the case, it can take up to 3 days for the owner to arrange a viewing time with the current tenant.