Our Services

Only at Crocodilian: we look after every landlord during the entire rental period, regardless of whether you're renting with us for several months or a whole year. We take responsibility for the tenancy of your apartment and ensure that the renting process goes smoothly.

More comfort
Upon request we manage the rent and deposit for you.

More commitment
Our service includes high-quality photos and videos that show your home at it's best.

More security
We are experts in furnished rentals, and are here to support you in every step of the process.

We offer three different packages - here are our prices for services that give back.

  Essential Premium Premium Plus
Professional photos & videos yes yes yes
Pricing advice yes yes yes

Finding checked tenants who match your apartment profile and meet your requirements

(Check -of employment contract, statement of earnings, etc.) 

yes yes yes
Preparation of online rental agreement & renewal agreements yes yes yes
Reminders for extension options yes yes yes
Immediate relisting and search for a new tenant yes yes yes
Creation of informative expose texts   yes yes
Organisation and flat viewings   yes yes
Payment handling of rent and deposit   yes yes
Securing the rent and deposit before the move in date   yes yes

Monitoring of rental payments, reminders, and orders. Forwarding of the monthly rent (minus monthly fee) to the landlord's account

  yes yes
We take responsibility: if the tenant does not pay, you don't pay the monthly fee.   yes yes
Key management: tenants collect keys and handover protocol from the Crocodilian office (saves time and money)   yes yes
Deposit management and refund     yes
Organisation of the final cleaning     yes
Basic support via email during entire rental period ja    
Crocodilian provides complete support for your questions, information etc., via email and telephone   ja ja
Full amount of commission fee is due on payment of the contract ja    
Monthly payment of commission fee   ja ja
Percentage of rent deducted/pm plus VAT 11% 14% 15%

Essential Package

Premium Package

Premium Package Plus

Hand over with protocol

Additional option for Premium and Premium Plus packages

Further additional services, wie z.B. Inventarkauf, Homestaging, etc.

Exclusive listing:
additional services cost €40/hour within opening hours, €55/hour outside opening hours.

Non-exclusive listing:
additional services cost €55/hour within opening hours, €75/hour outside opening hours.