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10 Important Facts about Furnished Apartments that might surprise you when you first move to Germany

Are you moving to Germany for the first time? Then read on …

We have gathered for you 10 Facts about Furnished Apartments in Berlin and in the rest of Germany that you might find surprising

1.) Apartments in Germany are not numbered.

You have rented a furnished apartment online and you have received the address of your temporary home, but the number of the apartment is missing! This is no mistake, apartments in Germany don’t have numbers.

How do you find your apartment then?
You mainly need the name on the doorbell or additional information of the apartment’s location. For example: front house, side building, garden building or floor number.


2.) Air conditioning

Air condition is a frequent request from Americans who search for furnished apartments in Berlin.
Unfortunately, apartments in Berlin (and the rest of Germany) do not have air conditioners. There are a few exceptions though– Some very expensive luxury flats have them.
However, it is safe to say that you won’t need air conditioning anyway. The temperature in Germany is rarely hot enough to require an air conditioner, even if it’s hot outside.


3.) Small Refrigerators

Americans often search for the fridge in our photos. Yes, it is always there – fridges are standard items for furnished apartments, but the standard size of a German fridge is much smaller than the American model. Unless you rent a large and more expensive family apartment.
You can always find supermarkets within walking distance (you don’t even need a car) so there is no need for a large fridge anyway.


4.) Number of Rooms

In Germany, we count the number of rooms, not the bedrooms. For example, a 2-room apartment is an apartment with one bedroom and a living/dining room. The kitchen does not count as a room.
If you are searching for a 2-bedroom apartment, you have to go for a 3-room apartment.


5.) Washing machine – but not always a dryer

A washing machine is a standard item for a furnished flat, a dryer is not. You most often find dryers in larger apartments where there is enough space or in luxury flats.


6.) Owners always pay an agency fee

In Germany, it is always the landlord who pays the agency fee. Everything else is now illegal. Brokers, platforms etc. cannot even ask for a handling fee from the tenant.


7.) Heating

All apartments have a heating system – either gas, central, underfloor heating etc.
However, since energy is very expensive in Germany, we recommend tenants to obtain additional information on how to stay resourceful and environmentally conscious. For example: Always use the thermostat and don’t regulate the temperature by leaving windows open for long periods of time.

8.) Airing and Venting

Whether you rent a furnished or unfurnished apartment: Airing and venting is always a must. Tenants have to air and vent daily to prevent humidity from building up. At least 10 minutes a day should do the trick. Don’t forget to air and vent after you have taken a shower.


9.) Windows open differently

In the US, UK and in Scandinavia you mostly find sash windows. But not here in Germany. We have casement windows which guarantee good insolulation and are energy efficient. The advantage if casement windows: You can swing the entire window open which is a plus when airing and venting the apartment :-)
Casement windows are also much safer. Casement windows are difficult to break into. The casement locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the frame. You can open the window only from the inside, unless you leave the window in a tilted position. This should be avoided, if your apartment is located on the ground floor etc.


10.) Recycling Bins

All apartment buildings in Berlin and the rest of Germany have material-specific recycling bins. It is common practice to separate plastics, papers, and compost materials and to dispose of them in their designated bins. Not only does this keep our trash neatly organized, but it helps at reducing the environmental impact as well.

Anything you find surprising? We’d love to hear from you!

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