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Do Landlords have to give the "Wohnungsgeberbestätigung" -Proof of Residence - to temporary Tenants?


Do Landlords have to give the Confirmation of residence to temporary tenants?

Landlords must always issue a landlord confirmation to all tenants. Even temporary tenants. It doesn't matter whether they have rented the furnished apartment for two months, or for a longer period. It also makes no difference whether the landlord of the apartment is the owner or tenant of the apartment.

No confirmation from the landlord - no registration

The confirmation of the landlord is now even more important for temporary tenants than the rental contract. According to the Registration Act, they must do so within two weeks of moving in. If they don't, this constitutes an administrative offence. However, without the confirmation of the landlord, tenants can't register at the Bürgeramt.

No registration - no German bank account

A tenant who comes from abroad and moves to Berlin can't open a bank account in Germany without registration. A bank account is, of course, essential. You have to be able to receive your salary into it, and use it to pay the rent. Without a bank account, the tenant can't apply for a credit card.

No registration - no tax number

Without registering tenants from abroad won't receive a tax number in Germany. This means that their salary can't be calculated, and can't paid out.

No registration and bank account - no Schufa

Tenants from abroad who move to Berlin always rent a temporary furnished apartment on a temporary basis. With the confirmation of the landlord they can register, open a bank account and apply for a credit card. After a few months, these tenants will also have a credit history in Germany, and they can get a Schufa credit score. This, together with a certificate of no rent debt, allows the tenants to apply for their own unfurnished permanent apartment.

No registration and bank account - no mobile phone contract or library card

Without registration, the tenant won't receive a library card, and without a bank account they will not get a mobile phone contract.

When does the landlord have to issue the confirmation of move-in to the temporary tenant?

Many tenants book an appointment at the Bürgeramt before they move to Berlin. Or a relocator can do this for you. The landlord should hand over the landlord's confirmation to the tenant at the latest when the apartment is handed over.
However, landlords should not send a landlord confirmation to the tenant immediately upon conclusion of the contract, or not before the first tenant and the deposit have been paid. This is the only way the landlord can be sure that the tenant will actually move in.

What information must the landlord enter in the confirmation of move-in?

  • Registration address of the landlord
  • Registration address of the owner, if landlord and owner are not the same person
  • Address of rental property
  • Name or name of tenant
  • Collection date - not date of contract conclusion
  • Signature of the landlord

Where can you find the landlord confirmation to fill out?

A blank copy, which you can fill out online, can be found on the website of the city of Berlin - at the very bottom, under Forms - Confirmation of move-in:


Landlords are obliged to issue a confirmation of accommodation to all tenants. This also applies to tenants who only rent a furnished apartment for a few months.
The landlord can require the tenant to deregister or change their registration after moving out again.

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