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Welcome to your new temporary home in Berlin. Crocodilian wants to make sure that everything runs smoothly right from the very beginning. Please read our tips for tenants in order to make sure there won't be any problems with the landlord and that you will get back the full deposit when you move out.

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Ten Ways for Tenants to make sure they get their Security Deposit back

Wednesday, 24. February 2021 | Furnished Living in Berlin

Tenants of a furnished apartment should not worry about getting back their security deposit. Owners are usually very reliable, some of them have to be reminded, that's true as well. But if problems regarding the deposit come up, it is mostly regarding the state of the flat. Tenants need to keep the flat clean and tidy during their stay and they have to make sure that the apartment is in a good condition when they move out.
Burglar in an apartment

Protection against Burglaries in temporary furnished Apartments

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Furnished Living in Berlin

Berlin is a relatively safe city, compared to other capitals in the world. The majority of crimes in Berlin are bicycle thefts. But you should also be aware that buglaries can happen. The number of burglaries has been reclining within the last years. But as a tenant, living in a furnished apartment, you should be aware that burglaries can always happen. But there are many ways to prevent them. Our tips are easy to follow and they will make your temporary home much safer.
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Ten important Facts about furnished Flats in Germany that might surprise you

Wednesday, 24. June 2020 | Furnished Living in Berlin

Are you moving to Germany, for the first time? Please read on. Here you find information on facts you might not have been aware of. German apartments don't have numbers. If you move in, you have to check the name on the name tag. Only some modern apartments have aircondition,but you will find that it is not too hot in old buildings in summer, due to the good insulation.
Tidy wardrobe

Storage Space in a furnished Apartment- what you should consider

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Furnished Living in Berlin

Storage space is always an important issue for tenants. Although they normally don't bring lots of suitcases when they move into a furnished apartment, they still need enough space to store their clothes and personal belongings. Furnished apartments in Berlin always always have a wadrobe (with some rare exceptions), but you should not count on extra storage space outside of the apartment, namely in the cellar. Cellars are not included if you rent a furnished apartment.herefore you should always check if there is enough storage space within the flat.
Man losing keys on street

Lost keys, Locked Out: Emergency Help when you are locked out of your Apartment

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Furnished Living in Berlin

What should you do in case of emergeny? For example, if you have lost the keys for your rented furnished apartment and you cannot access the apartment any more. Sometimes it is easy and you can call the landlord or the mangement and ask them to let you in again. If they are not available, you make have to call a key service, which can be very expenisve if you don't pay attention who you call.
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Help saving the Planet: Seven heating Tips for Tenants of furnished Flats

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Furnished Living in Berlin

Crocodilian is a green company. The protection of the environment and the responsible use of resources is very important to us, the landlords and most of our tenants. Energy, heating and electricity is most often included in the rent. But this does not mean that the tenant should should waste energy. Please help saving the planet and use electricity, water and heating in your furnished flat intelligently. Here are our seven tips for responsible heating.