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Equipping a furnished temporary Apartment: 8 Tips for the Kitchen

Kitchen in furnished flat

How should landlords equip and furnish the kitchen of an apartment on a temporary basis? What do tenants expect? And what should landlords pay attention to when furnishing?

Nowadays, a well-equipped kitchen is an absolute must in a temporary home. Keep in mind that tenants only arrive with their suitcases and therefore everything necessary should already be available to use in the apartment, and particularly so in the kitchen.

Choose a fitted kitchen

First, decide on a fitted kitchen. It usually looks much higher in value and is easier to maintain than individual, free-standing furniture, such as cupboards and appliances. Built-in appliances are more ideal for a furnished temporary flat. Appliances that stand on the worktop are bulky and do not look as attractive in high-quality fitted kitchens.

Equip with stove, oven, and microwave oven

If you have little space or no stove connection in a one-room apartment, a stove with only two hotplates is sufficient. Otherwise, of course, four hotplates are ideal. Make sure that the stove is easy and intuitive to use.

If there is also no space for an oven, choose a microwave with a baking and grilling function. Microwaves are infinitely more popular with working tenants leading busy, fast-paced lives. If there is not enough space, you can of course do without the microwave, or only make it available if the tenant requires one.

Install a dishwasher

A dishwasher is essential for most tenants, so make this a priority when setting up - if there is enough space and it is technically possible. For one-room apartments, which are almost exclusively rented to one person, even smaller models will work.
Dishwashers also have the advantage that you don't have to check the dishes for cleanliness with every landlord - you can put everything in the dishwasher right away.

Get a washing machine/dryer for larger apartments

Even more important than a dishwasher, a temporary apartment should not be offered without a washing machine.  A dryer or at least a combination appliance is expected in larger flats, e.g. flats for families with two bedrooms, or higher quality flats.

Invest in higher-end kettles and toasters

In the kitchen of a temporary apartment, kettles and a toaster should be included. Make sure that the kettle is easy to clean and decalcify.
Since both appliances are clearly visible on the worktop and usually have a longer life, it makes sense not to opt for the low-end models, which smell strongly of plastic when heating up and look cheap.


Ausstattung möblierte Wohnung Kaffeemaschine Wasserkocher
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Select a suitable coffee machine or coffee maker

There are now many options for coffee machines. The filter coffee machine is not preferred by every tenant, and when it comes to equipment and furnishings don't forget that most tenants tend to be younger, between the end of their twenties and their early forties. Due to this, it's better to choose an easy-care modern coffee machine, such as a French press. These also have the advantage of taking up less space. Espresso machines are always a plus - espresso cookers for the stove are not dishwasher-safe and can therefore quickly become unsightly with poor care. On the other hand, they are inexpensive and therefore easy to replace.

But don't forget that most coffee machines inevitably require at least basic maintenance.

Tips for crockery, pots, and pans

When it comes to crockery, it makes sense to decide on a brand where you can easily buy individual pieces.
Good cooking pots have a longer service life, better cooking properties, and also save energy. It is therefore advisable not to opt for pots and pans made of thin metal, but for high-quality, durable products. You are doing both yourself and your tenant a favour, as replacement is often more expensive and time-consuming than the actual product.

Our tip: If you buy several pans at the same time, then you always have a replacement at hand - freshly-coated pans in regularly furnished apartments do not last forever.

Stay safe with hard-wearing worktops

Some landlords prefer worktops made of wood, unfortunately these can look unsightly after a short time. Wood swells when it gets wet, and can get moldy in the area around the sink.
While of course landlords wish to furnish apartments according to their own ideas, they should keep in mind that they will (or may) not be the only ones living in the apartment. It is a fact that some tenants do not handle sensitive materials as carefully, and for those pressed for time, low-maintenance, practical solutions count.

Our tip: Make the day-to-day living life for your tenants, and your own life easier and choose an easy-care worktop. The same applies to floors, both in the kitchen, and in the entire apartment.

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