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Your time at your furnished temporary home is over and you plan to move out? Please organize everything in advance: Get in touch with the landlord, and make sure that you leave the flat in a good condition. Remember - according to the rental agreement, you have to clean and maintain the apartment regularily. But there are other things to consider as well.

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Ten Ways for Tenants to make sure they get their Security Deposit back

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Moving out of your apartment

Tenants of furnished apartment should not worry about getting back their security depoist. Owners are usually very reliable, some of them have to be reminded, that's true as well. But if problems regarding the deposit come up, it is mostly regarding the state of the flat. Tenants need to keep the flat clean and tidy during their stay and they have to make sure that the apartment is in a good condition when they move out.
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Moving out of a Furnished Flat: Checklist - what you have to do

Wednesday, 24. June 2020 | Moving out of your apartment

Moving our of a furnished apartment - this is what you have to do: Please note, that most owners organize a final cleaning. It still makes sense to leave the furnished apartment in a good condition in order to make sure that you don't pay too much for the final cleaning and to make sure that you receive your full deposit. Please note that there is a difference between final claning and basic cleaning, which is necessary if the apartment is not in a good condition. The basic cleaning is also much more expensive than a final cleaning.