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best neighborhood in Mitte: Restaurant in Torstr

Which are the best Neighborhood to live and rent in Berlin?

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Living in Berlin

Which are the best districts to live in Berlin? Which are the best neighborhoods for renting an apartment? The answer always depends on personal preference, and no district of Berlin is homogeneous. Berlin is a historical city, and each neighborhood has a different character. To help you decide where you would feel most at home, we've compiled a guide to a range of popular residential districts in Berlin.

Wedding U-Bahn sign

Wedding - the insider tip for temporary renting in Berlin

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Living in Berlin

Wedding is the insider tip for temporary living. If you are moving to Berlin and still want to get to know the original Berlin and a largely authentic neighborhood, Wedding is a good choice. Gentrification in Wedding is still not so advanced and living space remains cheaper than in other districts. Wedding also surprises newcomers with many large parks that invite them to relax and unwind. Those interested in culture will find something interesting in Wedding, off the beaten track.
Young children listening to teacher

Find the best International Schools in Berlin plus Info on how to apply

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Living in Berlin

In this article, you find everything you need to know about the different private and public international schools located in Berlin. Private schools have varying tuition prices, public schools are free. Most of the schools run for full days. Many of the schools also offer a variety of different after-school extra-curricular activities including sports, languages, and music programs. We provide you with a handy list of schools and a handy list of detailed information on when and how to apply.
Man with suitcase sitting on floor of hotel room

A cheap alternative to Airbnb in Berlin: temporary renting

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Living in Berlin

You are in Berlin for 2 months or longer and need a furnished flat for short-term rent quickly and flexibly? Airbnb has often been the first port of call, but it gets quite expensive over a period of months and is not exclusively available for you if you want to extend. A temporary housing agency is a cheap alternative to Airbnb and also quick and easy. Read more about all the pros and cons of renting on time vs. Airbnb in Berlin