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Storage Space in a Furnished Apartment

Are you moving to a new city and looking for a temporary furnished apartment for the transition? The question quickly arises: where to put your own furniture, books, clothes, personal items and your own household?What is the best solution here? Move with everything or store everything? Or maybe sublet your own apartment with all your inventory?
Before you make a decision here, you should know what is not possible if you rent an apartment on time. Bringing your entire household with furniture into the rented apartment is a no-go. Temporary living is not meant for that. The idea is: the tenant arrives with one or two suitcases and everything he needs for the next few months is available in the apartment.

Storage space in furnished apartment

What do I do with my own Furniture if I rent an Apartment for a limited Period of Time?

Apartments that are rented out furnished for a limited period of time are usually fully and not partially furnished.
The tenancy agreement also stipulates that the tenant may not change the furniture or move furniture. Nor is it permissible to store the furniture of the furnished apartment externally or in the cellar and to bring your own furniture with you instead. By the way, cellars are not rented out with the time rental. Therefore you should store your own furniture etc., but not bring it with you to Berlin.

Why do Landlords not rent out the Cellar of a furnished Flat?

In Berlin, the cellars in old buildings are often damp and not suitable for storing furniture, books, clothing and everything that gets moldy. Cellars often also smell slightly musty. In addition, cellars can be flooded both in old and new buildings.

Burglaries in cellars are also quite common in Berlin. Valuable objects, and/or everything, on which one hangs, should be stored therefore as well as not in the cellar. The household contents insurance of the landlord would not step in in case of theft of the objects of the tenant and with flooding by the way and an own household contents insurance, only because of the cellar, is not worthwhile for tenants on time (in contrast to the liability insurance, which is important for living on time). After all, the household contents, i.e. the entire furnishings, are the property of the landlord.

Is there enough Storage Space in furnished Flats for a certain Period of Time?

Storage space for clothing is always available in temporary flats. For larger apartments more, for smaller apartments less. Practically all apartments above a certain size have a wardrobe. Only in exceptional cases can you find a clothes rail. In larger flats there are often further clothes – or closets, sometimes also storerooms. These are particularly suitable for packing suitcases away.

What should and what can I bring with me if I rent a furnished apartment for a limited period?

Temporary flats have everything you need for your daily life: Bed linen, towels, dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, kettles, toasters, tumble dryers, irons and ironing boards. Actually you don’t need to bring anything at all.

Our Tips:

Store your furniture and everything you don’t need immediately and organize your move only after you have found a permanent home.
Is there too little storage space in the apartment? Then it’s best to talk to the landlord. Many landlords are willing to buy additional furniture. However, this usually requires the tenant to rent the apartment for a longer period of time.
Do not bring your own furniture with you.

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