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Crocodilian is a green company. Sustainability and responsibility towards resources are very important to us. We remote ecological furnished living and you can also participate. Read our infos on our DIY ecological cleaning products, saving energy and waste.

Turtle with plastic bags

A renter's guide to water sustainability in Berlin

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Go Green

Water is the natural habitat of Crocodiles. Therefore we have a strong connection to water, the ocean and other animals living there. But our oceans are in danger, and so a lot of the animals of the sea. The problems are well-known: pollution and plastics. But everybody takes decisions every day. And even tenants of temporary furnished flats can contribute to saving energy and protecting the environment.
Eco cleaning equippment

Eco – friendly (and affordable) Ways to clean your temporary furnished Home

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Go Green

As a tenant of a temporary furnished apartment, you have to keep your flat clean and tidy. But you might not want to buy a long list of cleaning products. And you don't have to. A few products are enough. Check our list of DIY eco-friendly cleaning products, which are easy to mix, cheap and will bring results. Save the environment, don't use chemical products, if it is not absolutely necessary.
ecofriendly renting

Ten tips to make your furnished apartment rental eco-friendly

Friday, 20. November 2020 | Go Green

The global climate strikes represent that it is no longer the sole responsibility of the more ‘eco-conscious’ among us, but falls to all of us to do what we can to stop climate change. For those who want to know what else they can do, here are ten ways you can make a difference today in your apartment - even as a temporary tenant in Berlin.