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Eco – friendly (and affordable) ways to clean your temporary furnished home

Thursday, 19. December 2019 | Go Green

It’s essential that tenants of furnished apartments give them a regular clean. If things aren’t taken care for months on end, don't be surprised if there are problems when moving out. It’s important to keep in mind that not only does neglecting the apartment go against the tenant’s contractual obligations, but that they can expect high costs for the final cleaning, which are then offset against the deposit.

Want to take care of your temporary apartment but cleaning isn’t your thing? In this case there is of course an option to book a weekly helper through different platforms or at Crocodilian. But remember this will result in additional costs, and don’t forget - cleaning can also be easy, and fun! And there are more benefits, from...

Ten tips to make your furnished apartment rental eco-friendly

Thursday, 19. December 2019 | Go Green

The global climate strikes represent that it is no longer the sole responsibility of the more ‘eco-conscious’ among us, but falls to all of us to do what we can to stop climate change. For those who want to know what else they can do, here are ten ways you can make a difference today in your apartment - even as a temporary tenant in Berlin.

A renter's guide to water sustainability in Berlin

Thursday, 19. December 2019 | Go Green

Everyone should be responsible for how we use our resources. It doesn’t matter whether you are the tenant or the owner of the apartment. Usually, when the bill for the utilities arrives, everyone has the intention to consume heat and electricity more ecologically for the coming year. Temporary tenants can also take notice of this – even if you rent a furnished apartment and on the expose it states ‘inc. additional costs’. Tenants can use energy and all other resources, like water sustainably. Not only will your landlord thank you, but the environment will too. This article will explore the theme of water sustainability. And the question: Is saving water actually even an issue in Germany?

Germany is actually a water-rich country...