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Calculating the Rental Price for a furnished Apartment in Berlin.

Thursday, 29. April 2021 | Advice for Landlords

How do I calculate the rent for an apartment that is rented as furnished for a specific period? Which factors can and should the landlord use to determine the monthly rate? And does it make sense to enter the market with a maximum rental price? A fully furnished apartment that includes all additional and consumption costs, will naturally be more expensive for the tenant than renting unfurnished. Read our tips for landlords on how to work out the optimal price for your rented flat.

Does the Landlord have to add VAT to the Rent for a furnished flat?

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Advice for Landlords

Does the rent for a furnished apartment in Germany have to include VAT? What are the criteria? Some landlords have to add VAT, others don't. How can a landlord find out if he has to pay VAT? What are the consequences, what are the advantages, what are the disadvantages of charging VAT? We also recommend to talk to your tax advisor.
moving out

Is the tenant moving out earlier? What to do

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Advice for Landlords

Sometimes tenants want to move out of their furnished flat before the end of the agreed rental period. Normally, a tenacy contract that has been signed for a limited period cannot be terminated prematurely. But in reality, it may be worth considering as a landlord if it ultimately makes more sense let a tenant who wants to leave move out early, and settle a new agreement amicably to avoid any conflict. We go through the options of what can you do should you have a tenant with this request.
Facts and Faces

Are furnished Flats to blame for the Housing Shortage in Berlin? The Fact-Check

Thursday, 11. March 2021 | Advice for Landlords

Are furnished rentals to blame for the apartment shortage in Berlin? Do landlords of furnished flat always take advantage of the situation on the rental market? If you are to believe the press, many owners only furnish their flat baically in order to rent it out as a furnished apartment. For twice the price, or even more. THere are, of course, black sheep on the market, and there are apartments which are overpriced. But is it that simple?
Basement apartment

Should a furnished Apartment also include Basement storage?

Monday, 08. March 2021 | Advice for Landlords

It's normally an advantage for both tenants and landlords if the basement is not part of the rental contract. The landlord will be protected from possible damage and rent reductions, while the tenant will not risk having their belongings damaged or having to pay extra insurance premiums. Read on for more reasons why offering a basement as a storage option may end up being more complicated for everyone in the long-term.
Deposit statement

Deposit and Deposit Statement: Info for Landlords

Thursday, 04. March 2021 | Advice for Landlords

Landlord naturally always want to have security. Theoretically, anything can happy.Even if the tenant always pays the rent in time, they cannot be sure that the tenant also leaves the apartment in a good condition. What happens if the landlord or a cleaner has to clean for hours or a whole day? On the other hand, tenants want to be sure that there security depsoit gets refunded and they somethimes also ask for a deposit statement from the landlord. Read what landlords of furnished flats should know regarding the security deposit of a furnished flat.