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What's the Difference between a Platform and a temporary Rental Agency?

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Temporary letting - the basics

Online platforms are now available for everything. Shopping on platforms is easy and convenient. But what about platforms in the service sector, or more precisely in the brokerage of temporary furnished apartments? Can platforms scale down the management, but still offer both sides the greatest possible security? What are the differences between platforms and expert agencies for furnished accommodation? Are the platforms really that cheap, in terms of what they offer?
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Should I rent out my Apartment in Berlin furnished? What are the Criteria?

Thursday, 25. June 2020 | Temporary letting - the basics

Renting out a furnished apartment in Belin is very popular among owners. But these days, not every furnished apartment rents out automatically. The chances always depend on the location, the price, the furnishing, number of tenants accepted, number of bedrooms etc. The sad news: some apartments don’t rent out at all. The chances shouldn't be left to fate, but owners can do something to make it work. Read our 5 essential tips for owners. Afterwards you can decided if it makes sense renting our your Berlin apartment furnished.
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Renting out a furnished apartment in Berlin - FAQ

Thursday, 25. June 2020 | Temporary letting - the basics

Landlords planning to rent out a furnished apartment in Berlin temporarily may find they have lots of questions to begin with. In our essential FAQ guide we answer the most important questions, such as how to set an appropriate rental price, the target groups of temporary apartment renters, average rental periods, required insurances, and more. We’ll also give you tips on how to avoid vacancies, and make sure you’re finding the right tenants.
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Subletting an Apartment in Berlin - the complete Guide

Monday, 15. June 2020 | Temporary letting - the basics

Are you planning a sabbatical, an extensive holiday or do you have a job assignment abroad? Maybe you have already thought about subletting your private apartment for a limited period of time? Subletting is different from renting out a furnished apartment, which is also rented out for a temporary basis, but which is available for rent for an "unlimited period of time". THis means, tenants can extend the rental contract after a few months, if necessary. Find all information you need for subletting your apartment in Berlin.