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Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

Tenants of furnished apartments have to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their flat themselves. For all those, who want to save money and who do not want to employ a cleaning professional, Crocodilian has compiled a list of cleaning tips. With eco cleaners, which are cheap and protect the environment, cleaning is fun! :-) And good maintenance will ensure that there won't be any problems when the tenant moves out.


Cleaning Shower and Bathroom in your furnished Flat

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

Cleaning is usually not the favorite occupation of tenants living in furnished apartments. And cleaning the bathrooms is even worse. But if you clean and maintain the bathroom and shower right from the start, you won't have to worry about high bills for final cleaning or owners who complain when you move out. The water in Berlin is very hard and calcareous and the traces are hard to remove if you don't remove them regularly. Just follow the Crocodilian eco bathroom cleaning guide. It is easy if you do it regularly.
cleaning oven

Guide to Cleaning the Oven of your furnished Apartment

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

Tenants often neglect cleaning the oven before they move out. Landlords are often surprised when they discover this. Unfortunately, we sometimes get complaints from landlords because the oven of the furnished apartments looks a mess, if the oven has not been cleaned for a year or so. And tenants complain when they receive the invoice for the final cleaning. Sometimes the cleaner needs a few hours just to clean the oven. If you clean the oven regularly with e.g. soda or other eco-products, there should not be any problems with the owner. Just follow the Crocodilian eco-guide to cleaning the oven
Washing machine and laundry

Washing Machine Maintenance and Care for Tenants

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

Imagine you have just washed your clothes and everything smells musty after you have taken it out of the washing machine in your furnished apartment. What is the problem? Will you call the owner and ask to send somebody to look after the problem? Maybe not. Maybe the washing machine has not been cleaned and maintained properly. Maybe you have always washed at a low temperature in order to save energy. Read the Crocodilian instruction on how to maintain the washing machine in your furnished temporary apartment.
Happy woman with vacuum cleaner

10 Tips for Tenants for regular Cleaning

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

What tenants of furnished flats should pay attention to before they move out of a furnished apartment: Make sure that you leave the apartment in a good condition. Here is a list of cleaning tips to make sure you won't have any problems with the owner regarding the deposit.
Woman with suitcase moving out

Moving out of a Furnished Flat: Checklist - what you have to do

Friday, 14. April 2023 | Cleaning and moving out of your Flat

Moving our of a furnished apartment - this is what you have to do: Please note, that most owners organize a final cleaning. It still makes sense to leave the furnished apartment in a good condition in order to make sure that you don't pay too much for the final cleaning and to make sure that you receive your full deposit. Please note that there is a difference between final cleaning and basic cleaning, which is necessary if the apartment is not in a good condition. The basic cleaning is also much more expensive than a final cleaning.