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Wedding U-Bahn sign

Wedding - the insider tip for temporary renting in Berlin

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Wedding is the insider tip for temporary living. If you are moving to Berlin and still want to get to know the original Berlin and a largely authentic neighborhood, Wedding is a good choice. Gentrification in Wedding is still not so advanced and living space remains cheaper than in other districts. Wedding also surprises newcomers with many large parks that invite them to relax and unwind. Those interested in culture will find something interesting in Wedding, off the beaten track.
Hallesches Haus in Berlin

Shopping for a unique Christmas gift in Berlin

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

A unique Christmas gift is meaningful – however, tracking down that unusual present can feel about as hopeful as avoiding the inevitable pudding-induced holiday weight gain. Thanks to the season’s over-commercialisation, purchasing truly thoughtful or distinctive wares seems near impossible. Major department stores trade in the same standard products, which are found in multiple locations around the city, often at elevated prices. Nevertheless, procuring that one-of-a-kind gift doesn’t have to be a futile exercise, if you know where to look.

Here at Crocodilian, we’re gift-buying veterans, and Berlin is the city of artisans – serving up the goods when it comes to vintage, unique or remarkable goods. From curious homewares to...


Seven New Year’s resolutions for life in Berlin

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

There’s no doubt about it, when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions we typically overextend ourselves by setting unreachable goals. ‘Spend less, save more’, ‘get fit’, ‘live life to the fullest’, the list of New Year’s resolutions maintains its predictability year after year. So why not set in motion some manageable objectives to jumpstart January with enthusiasm? Below we’ve gathered 7 New Year’s resolutions for life in Berlin – realistic targets that anyone can accomplish, and goals that are not only achievable, but will improve your life in the city.

You’ve been so busy reveling in the city’s nightlife, enjoying your furnished flat, making new friends and working that a year (or more) has passed and...

Luther family with christmas trees

Buying Christmas trees in Germany: what you need to know!

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Just like that, the year is almost over, and the 2017 Christmas season is in full swing! There’s nothing quite like the smell of pine needles permeating the living room to cue forthcoming festivity, and with 29,5 million Christmas trees sold in Germany last year, there’s little doubt that the humble Christmas tree remains the most festive and popular December household addition. When buying Christmas trees in Germany, there are a few things you’re going to want to know – check out our definitive guide below…

Where exactly did the idea of erecting a tree in one’s living room come from? Thousands of years before the advent of Christianity the Pagans employed branches from Fir trees to brighten the home during solstice. Even the...

Burning sparklers

Six tips to survive New Year’s Eve in Berlin

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

When it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, none really compare to the sheer chaos and craziness of Berlin. Long before the clock strikes 12am, Berliners will have been ringing in ‘Silvester’ with an inordinate number of explosives, lighting up the streets and sky – terrifying tourists and those unprepared for the ecstatic celebrations.

Fireworks are taken seriously in German cities. Ordinarily illegal, the city lifts its ban for one week after Christmas to allow citizens the chance to purchase their weight in dynamite.

But where did this tradition begin? Harking back to the pagan celebration Rauhnächte, Germanic tribes observed twelve nights of festivity. Known as ‘hairy nights’ due to the woolly figures of winter demons,...

Man with suitcase sitting on floor of hotel room

A cheap alternative to Airbnb in Berlin: temporary renting

Wednesday, 24. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Sie sind 2 Monate oder länger in Berlin und brauchen schnell und flexibel eine möblierte Wohnung zur Kurzzeitmiete? Airbnb war oft die erste Adresse, wird aber auf Monate gesehen ganz schön teuer und ist nicht exklusiv für Sie verfügbar, wenn Sie verlängern möchten.

Eine Zeitwohnagentur ist eine günstige Alternative zu Airbnb und auch schnell und einfach.

Lesen Sie mehr über alle Vor- und Nachteile von Mieten auf Zeit vs. Airbnb in Berlin


The most popular Districts in Berlin for short-term Renting

Wednesday, 24. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

When you move to Berlin and are looking for an apartment, one of the first questions is where in the city do I want to live? Of course, the answer always depends on personal preference, and no district of Berlin is homogeneous. Berlin is a historical city, and each neighbourhood has a different character. To help you decide where you would feel most at home, we've compiled a guide to a range of popular residential districts in Berlin.

Small boy on kettcar

The best indoor playgrounds in Berlin

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

We know what it’s like to be trapped indoors by Berlin’s often rainy, grey weather. When going outside with your kids isn’t an option, restlessness can ensue.
Have no fear – we’ve got you covered with some amazing indoor playgrounds and activities so you don’t have to feel guilty about popping on another movie or having to endure ‘just one more’ episode of Paw Patrol.

Below are some of Berlin’s best indoor playgrounds and activities to enjoy when the weather is less than ideal.

Perfect fun for you and your tots alike, these kid friendly cafes allow you to enjoy some coffee and cake or brunch, while your little ones can play and make new friends. They often have slides, games, indoor sandboxes, ball pits and toys to...

Smiling girl in headstand

The best Playgrounds in Berlin

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Are you moving to Berlin with small kids? Then you will surely be looking for a temporary furnished apartment close to international schools, KITAS and, of course, playgrounds. Berlins offers a large number of playgrounds in all districts. We have compiled a list with a selection of some of the best playgrounds which you should definetly check out.
Neus Museum Berlin

Berlin’s best museums: 8 must-see spots

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Berlin boasts a mind-boggling 175 world-class museums. As one of Europe’s cultural capitals, the city offers everything from the historical wonders of the Pergamon Museum, to the acclaimed Daniel Liebskind-designed Jewish Museum. Steeped in history, each location is a treasure trove of monumental architecture juxtaposed alongside contemporary adaptations. Whether you’re a recent arrival, or have been in the city for some time, Berlin’s best museums should be high on your must-see list.

So which spots should you check out? We’ve gathered our 8 favourites. Take a peek below and check out Berlin’s best museums.

Inside the Neues Museum you’ll encounter one of the Ancient Egypt’s most famous treasures: the bust of Egyptian...

Marlene Dietrich Blue Angel

Celebrating 100 Years of UFA

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

Located in historic Potsdam, just a short 30 min train ride from Berlin, you’ll find one of the oldest and most iconic production powerhouses in the world. The Universum Film AG (UFA) was founded on December 18, 1917 – exactly 100 years ago – and its history is as illustrious (and notorious) as the region it calls home.

Producing films since 1912, the Babelsberg Film Studio remains Europe’s oldest and largest studio, covering a floor plan of approximately 25,000 square metres. Despite the ebb and flow of its success and failure over the years, the UFA has proven itself a stubborn brand – an enduring asset to Germany, producing contemporary and historic content for a range of audio-visual platforms.


Alternative Christmas Markets in Berlin

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Where to live in Berlin

The sweet scent of spiced glühwein, the open fires and skating rinks, the quaint wooden stalls selling everything from art and crafts, to hot bratwurst and roast pork – for many, the traditional German Christmas Weihnachtsmarkt is a joy to behold, the festive highlight in an otherwise chilly Berlin December. While there’s no denying it’s a warming scene, it’s not always to everybody’s taste. When the kitsch vibes and traditional fare lose their sparkle, you need a little alternative action to fulfil those Christmas time thrills.

Being Weihnachtsmarkt veterans here at Crocodilian, we know the deal – take a tip or two from us, and check out some of Berlin’s most ‘kitsch-frei’ Christmas markets and another shade of the...