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Wand to get started in Berlin? Here, you find information on how to open a bank account, how and where you find the best German courses, everything about public transportation, international schools and much more.

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Best Way to Learn German in Berlin - our subjective unconventinal Choice

Wednesday, 16. September 2020 | Getting started

If you’re not new to Berlin, chances are high, that you’ve already attempted to learn German but have most likely given up, or are taking a ‘break’. It’s just so easy to survive in Berlin without speaking a word of German. The other reason might be frustration – German is a very difficult language, and it may feel like it would take a lifetime to learn! But there are unconvential alternatives. This is the the best way to lean German! You will make fast progress even without attending a language school. Be open to a new approach. You won't regret it.
Young children listening to teacher

Find the best International Schools in Berlin plus Info on how to apply

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Getting started

In this article, you find everything you need to know about the different private and public international schools located in Berlin. Private schools have varying tuition prices, public schools are free. Most of the schools run for full days. Many of the schools also offer a variety of different after school extra-curriculars including sports, languages, and music programmes. We provide you with a handy list of schools and a handy list of detailled information on when and how to apply.

How to Open a German Bank Account

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Getting started

Opening a bank account in Berlin is one of the first things everyone needs to do upon moving. Without a German bank account, you won’t be able to rent certain apartments, get a cell phone or Internet contract. In addition, your employer won’t be able to send you your salary. In other words opening a German bank account is very important! For people new to Berlin and Germany in general this may be a daunting task. However, don’t despair. We have provided a variety of options for you to look, in order to find out what the best option is for you.

U-Bahn in Berlin

HOw to get around - A Guide to public Transport in Berlin

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Getting started

Travelling in Berlin by public transport is very easy. Much easier then by car. NO matter where you live in Berlin, it is never far to the next U-Bahn, S-Bahn, bus - or tram station. The S-Bahn is convenient if you want to cover a larger distance, you take the U-Bahn within the city center. In the eastern part of Berlin, trams are most convient. In our indepts article, we explain the different tickets you can buy, the hours of tranin service and much more.
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How to Find a Job in Berlin - Our Insider Tips from the Professionals

Sunday, 14. June 2020 | Getting started

Finding a proper job in Berlin is not that easy, unless you have proven skills for the job, a diploma, working experiencein Germany - and you speak German. There are lots of job ads on various platforms, but even more poeple apply.Even if you don't have a lot of qualifications yet, you still a chance. Learn why it is not enough just to send your CV, how to writte a good application and how you convince an employer when you are invited for an imterview.
Bar in Berlin

12 Incredible Short-Term Stays in Berlin

Saturday, 13. June 2020 | Getting started

Furnished apartment can only be rented for a minimum period of two months, and longer, of course. If you come to Berlin and you would like to take your time to view furnished flats first, bevore you sign a rental agreement, you might need an flexible accommodation for a few nights or a bit longer. We have put together a list of the best hotels in the Eastern part of Berlin. Start your stay in Berlin in one of these incredible short-term stays.