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Essential furnishing Tips for Landlords


How to create a feel-good atmosphere in your furnished apartment

If you rent an apartment for a limited period of time, it should be as easy as possible to let it. In most cases, the occupancy rate should be around 90%. To ensure that your furnished apartment can be let quickly and without great effort, it should be as attractive as possible for potential interested parties.

But what should the landlord pay attention to when furnishing?

First of all, bear in mind that temporary tenants are not merely looking for living space, but for a temporary home - a retreat with a feel-good atmosphere, where you can relax comfortably after work.

In our seven tips you will learn how to make your furnished apartment more comfortable at a low price and with little effort. You can order almost all equipment elements very easily online.

Important for furnished apartments: Rugs

For years, rugs and other textiles were frowned upon in modern homes. It had to be puristic. Fortunately, this trend is over. A rug - preferably in front of the sofa - not only divides the room, but also makes it appear more homely, and provides better room acoustics. You will find a good selection here or at Benuta.

Rugs made of natural materials are in high demand at the moment, due to the fact that they work well with parquet and plank floors, and do not dominate the room. Lohals von IKEA is a beautiful and inexpensive model available in various sizes.

Not just for light protection: Curtains

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Curtains also often play an important role in making an apartment cosy. In some cases, blinds or roller shutters can offer a better solution.

Be careful not to choose curtains that are too dark. If you choose ready-made curtains, make sure that they are not too long. Curtains that are constantly grinding on the floor must be washed more frequently, which increases the effort between two rentals considerably.

Declutter: Try to hide cables

Visible cables are often unavoidable. What you can and should hide, however, are technical devices such as routers, Fritzboxes etc., as well as the corresponding cables. Simple and cost-effective solutions can be found, for example, at IKEA. Individual cables that run along the wall are best hidden with a cable rail.

Important eye-catcher: Pictures

Furnished flats without any decoration look uncomfortable, flats with too much decoration can quickly become overloaded and restless.

Therefore, it is better to concentrate on a few, selected pieces. With empty white walls, pictures are always a good choice. Make sure that you don't select pictures too small, like other decorative elements, and always hang them in pairs or in groups. Under no circumstances should the pictures hang too high (viewing height).

Our tip: Save on the frame rather than on the picture. You can find cheap and attractive frames or rails in which pictures or posters can be easily mounted at IKEA, where you can also find templates for arranging pictures correctly.

You should avoid the common motifs that hang in many furnished apartments, such as IKEA standard pictures and Berlin pictures. After all, your tenants are not tourists. Plants - and certain animal motifs - are very popular at the moment. You will find a good selection at Hagedorn, for example if you opt for a natural or Scandinavian style.

Bedspread for the bed

An attractive bedspread and matching cushions put your bedroom in the right light. Make sure that the bedspread is large enough and really covers the whole bed.

In photos it looks better if very voluminous duvets and pillows are hidden in the wardrobe for the photo session, and the duvet and pillows are just draped over the mattress.

Our tip: You will find beautiful day thinking in a very large selection and all colours at Zara Home. There you will find an unbeatable selection of cheap and high-quality pillows and duvet covers. It is also an advantage to choose a bedspread that does not crease easily.

Ausstattung möblierte Wohnung Tagesdecke

More Decoration

A dark sofa can be effectively staged with a few coloured cushions. Whether you choose strong contrasts or tone-in-tone colours is up to you, but don't mix too many colours together. You will find a good selection of high-quality and inexpensive cushions at Zara Home (often on reduced offers) and at H&M Home.
You can also set coloured accents with functional pieces of furniture, such as coloured coat hooks.

The right lighting

The right light is essential in creating a feel-good atmosphere. If the home is beautifully furnished but the light is not right, it can't reach its potential. When it comes to lighting, you should not only buy according to appearance, but also to performance.

It is best to provide several different lighting options for a room so that the tenant can vary the lighting they want. In the living room, for example, a ceiling lamp, a reading lamp, and a floor or table lamp. Stylish and not too expensive luminaires can be found at Umage.

Ausstattung möblierte Wohnung Lampen

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