Business Terms for Tenants

Business Terms for Tenants (June 1, 2015)

From June 1, 2015 onwards, there is no commission fee for tenants any more.

1. Crocodilian will supply offers

Crocodilian will supply the customer with offers of rental properties which were previously unknown to him/her. Should the customer already have knowledge of an offer he/she must inform Crocodilian immediately and if requested, provide proof of his previous knowledge.

2. Offers must be treated confidentially

All offers from Crocodilian must be treated confidentially.

3. Contract obligation of the client

Crocodilian merely provides information about accommodation and the possibility of a rental contract.The offers are based on the information provided by the owner. Crocodilian assumes that the data provided by the landlord are correct. Crocodilian assumes no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the offers.

Crocodilian offers rental agreements in English and German, but the obligations of the rental contract are solely the responsibility of the client and the landlord. Crocodilian cannot be held responsible to any of the parties for a violation or breach of the rental contract.

4. Contract and extension of contract reported within 24 hours

The finalisation of an oral or written rental contract for one of the offers given to the client must be reported to Crocodilian by the tenant and the landlord immediately, at the latest within 24 hours. The extension of a contract also has to be reported to Crocodilian immediately.

5. Finding of other accommodation must be reported to Crocodilian

The client finds accommodation from another source, he commits himself to report this to Crocodilian.

6. Contract by using our service

By using our services you are entering into a contract with us and agree to abide by our conditions of service.

7. Non-liability clause

The details given by Crocodilian in Berlin on the website and the information about apartments are based on the information supplied by the owners offering the property. No warranty is given for the correctness of the details. If you want to make sure that the information is correct, please ask for a written confirmation from the owner.

8. In all other cases statutory provisions apply