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Living in Berlin

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Moving to Berlin

Moving to Berlin

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Temporary Furnished Apartments: When does the tenant have to pay VAT (Mehrwertsteuer)?

Tuesday, 25. June 2019 | Tenants

Tenants renting a temporary apartment often have to pay VAT if they rent the apartment for less than 6 months and one day. The reduced VAT rate for short-term rentals is 7%. Otherwise private rentals and temporary apartments are not subject to VAT.

This is not because the landlord or the agencies want to charge this, instead the legislative authorities have agreed upon this charge and landlords are often asked to pay it by the fiscal authorities. For the tax office, renting a temporary furnished apartment is similar to renting a holiday home. It does not matter whether the tenant is in Berlin for professional or educational reasons.

It means that the landlord adds, in addition to the rent, the reduced VAT rate to the overall...

What Documents you need to rent a flat in Berlin

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

The rents in Berlin are still much lower than in lots of other world capitals, but the days when you could rent a centrally located flat for nearly nothing are definetely over.
Finding a permanent apartment if you are still abroad is difficult. A new law – the “Bestellerprinzip” – came into force on June 1, 2015. Now it is the owner has to pay the estate agent. This is good news for the tenants, but it makes it impossible to ask an estate agent to search the Berlin market for a permanent flat, even if you offer to pay for this service. Neither estate agents, nor platforms are allowed to take money from tenants any more.
It is much easier to start looking for a permanent and unfurnished apartment when you have already arrived in Berlin.

Renting a temporary furnished Apartment

10 Tips to make sure Tenants get back their Deposit

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

With 97 % of all rentals, owners and tenants are on good terms, when the tenant moves out. In 3% of cases, they are not. This doesn’t mean that the owner just wants to make some extra money off the tenant if he/she does not pay the full amount of the deposit back.

Let’s be honest: Some tenants leave a mess.

Thank god, this does not happen on a daily basis, otherwise we would have to start looking for a new job. But once in a while we indeed see photos of furnished apartments taken after the tenants have moved out, who have left quite a mess. Strangely enough though, even these tenants claim that they have left the flat in a proper condition.

7 Heating Tips for Tenants of Temporary Apartments

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

Heating is a topic for all tenants, but definitely also for those who rent on a temporary basis. At the latest, this becomes a topic when the owner gets the yearly heating bill.

When it comes to temporary rentals, utility costs are already included in the rent. This sounds pretty good. Owners, however count on a tenant’s normal and responsible heating. This is also understandable as the property owner would increase the rent, if this were not the case. The fact of the matter is: heating in Germany is expensive. For this reason, be kind to the environment and be kind to the owner’s wallet. Both will be very grateful!

If everyone heated their properties correctly, at least 10 nuclear power plants could be shut down. This means that if heated up cooling fluids would no longer be directed into rivers, far fewer crocodiles would needlessly die due to heat-induced heart failure. If this last little titbit can’t be proved by science, proper heating (also in temporary apartment rentals) definitely makes a lot of sense.

Moving Out: A Tenant’s Guide to the Final Cleaning

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

Everyone deserves to move in to a comfortable and well-cleaned apartment, and no tenant wants their first experience in a new apartment to be picking someone else’s hair out of the shower drain. Out of consideration to those moving in, then, all temporary furnished rentals require a thorough final cleaning.

There are a few different options for who does the final cleaning (Endreinigung, in german). In most cases, the landlord or property management will organize the final cleaning with a professional company. Still, the tenant isn’t completely off the hook. So, what should you consider before handing in your keys?

(Of course, you should clean your apartment more than once! Unlike in a hotel, the tenant should leave the apartment...

Interest on Deposit for Furnished Apartments

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

A tenant doesn’t usually collect interest on a deposit for a temporary accomodation. This may sound negative at first, but with exceptionally low interest rates (0.02-0.2%) and a rental period of a few months up to a year, you’d stand to lose less than a euro. And this is probably no reason to complain.

If an indefinite tenancy agreement is concluded in Germany, the landlord must deposit the security deposit – a maximum of three renting periods net – separately from their assets. Alternatively, tenants and landlords must agree on a form of investment.

This makes sense, of course, if you live in an apartment for 10 years or more. The landlord or the tenant establishes a deposit savings account for this purpose. When the tenant...

Lost keys, Locked Out: How to Get Back Into Your Temporary Apartment

Thursday, 20. June 2019 | Tenants

You’re standing at the door of your rented apartment and suddenly, you can’t find your keys. Did you lose them, misplace them, or were they stolen? Have you locked yourself out? One thoughtless moment is all it takes. What now?

Whether it’s your own home or a rented temporary apartment, if you lose a key, it could cost you a lot of money — not to mention effort.

The best advice, of course, is to take care and take appropriate measures beforehand. This will at least prevent you from having to pay for new locks or entire lock systems, and increase the chances of finding the key again.

In our experience, it all starts with the determination to avoid a situation like this. Most temporary tenants will be more attentive and look after their...

Renting a Temporary Furnished Apartment: What Requirements Must the Tenant Fulfil?

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

Renting a temporary furnished apartment is actually quite easy.

However, the tenant has to meet certain requirements in order to complete the contract. This often includes proof that they can pay the rent. This is fully understandable and logical on the part of the landlord.

In Berlin, it is also required that the future tenant confirm they are in Berlin for professional reasons, or otherwise here for training/further education. This can be done in the rental agreement itself, or separate one specifically for this reason.

For some prospective tenants, this can sometimes be confusing or even irritating. Therefore we have provided clarification as to why this rule is in place.

In 2014 Berlin introduced a new law regulating the use...

10 Important Facts about Furnished Apartments that might surprise you when you first move to Germany

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

We have gathered for you 10 Facts about Furnished Apartments in Berlin and in the rest of Germany that you might find surprising

1.) Apartments in Germany are not numbered.

You have rented a furnished apartment online and you have received the address of your temporary home, but the number of the apartment is missing! This is no mistake, apartments in Germany don’t have numbers.

How do you find your apartment then?
You mainly need the name on the doorbell or additional information of the apartment’s location. For example: front house, side building, garden building or floor number.

Storage Space in a Furnished Apartment

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

Are you moving to a new city and looking for a temporary furnished apartment for the transition? The question quickly arises: where to put your own furniture, books, clothes, personal items and your own household? What is the best solution here? Move with everything or store everything? Or maybe sublet your own apartment with all your inventory?
Before you make a decision here, you should know what is not possible if you rent an apartment on time. Bringing your entire household with furniture into the rented apartment is a no-go. Temporary living is not meant for that. The idea is: the tenant arrives with one or two suitcases and everything he needs for the next few months is available in the apartment.

Liability Insurance for Your Apartment in Berlin

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

Picture this: you’re walking through an intersection while the light is red, and an approaching car stops suddenly to avoid hitting you. As a consequence, it hits a street lamp. And then it gets even worse: the driver is injured. It’s possible that they sustain permanent injuries, and become incapable of working ever again.The damages of this type of accident can run into the millions. Luckily, liability insurance covers incidents like these and the damages you could cause.
Better yet, the cost of this kind of insurance is extremely affordable for everyone. For only 50 euros a year you can purchase liability insurance as a single person.

Liability insurance also applies if you cause damage to a furnished apartment. It happens a lot...

Should you get an Invoice and a Rent Receipt if you Rent a Furnished Apartment?

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

Sometimes tenants request an invoice for the rent of their furnished flat. Most often, it is their employer’s accounting department who requires an invoice.

In Germany, there are no rental invoices for apartments, whether you rent furnished and temporarily or unfurnished with an open-ended rental agreement. You will always get a rental agreement though. All information regarding the rent, payment etc. is specified in this agreement.

If you are renting though a business, the rental agreement should be passed on to the accounting department. It works as an invoice, and is also eligible for tax purposes.

The payment of the rent is always monthly. You transfer the rent and the deposit to the owner’s account. It is not common to receive...

10 Tips for Tenants: Regularly Cleaning Your Furnished Apartment Saves Money and Frustration

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

Especially when working with professionals, renting a temporary furnished apartment in Berlin can be stress-free. An experienced agency will walk you through the consultation, the apartment viewing, and signing the rental agreement (available in multiple languages) in a breeze. No stress! Typically, if problems arise in a temporary rental, they’re of the “homemade” variety.

Yes, we’re talking about cleaning.

Of course, the terms are all laid out in your rental contract: as the tenant, you take responsibility for the apartment for the rental period. This agreement means—heads up to the messy ones among us—that the apartment must be regularly cleaned and tidied.

At the end of the rental period, the tenant pays an obligatory...

Protection Against Burglaries in Temporary Furnished Apartments

Wednesday, 19. June 2019 | Tenants

How safe is Berlin? Tenants, who move here from home or abroad, often ask this question. The answer is not so clear.

In comparison to other major cities, Berlin is relatively safe. The probability of being attacked on the street or being the victim of a serious crime is low. However, in terms of thefts, things look very different. Caution should always be taken in Berlin. Pickpockets, bicycle theft, and burglaries are the most common offences.

Fortunately, the number of thefts is declining. One of the reasons for this is that apartments are becoming increasingly well protected against burglary. Even so, tenants who rent temporary apartments should also take time to deal with this issue. From experience, burglars who successfully gain...

How to Get a SCHUFA in Berlin

Thursday, 02. May 2019 | Tenants

Have you been looking into how to get a SCHUFA and are slightly confused about how to go about it? What is a SCHUFA and How to Get One in Berlin?
We know that most of the bureaucracy new Berliners need to deal with can be overwhelming, so we spoke with a SCHUFA agent to find out everything you need to know about getting your SCHUFA in Berlin.

Are you looking to rent your own unfurnished apartment in Berlin for the long term? As you may have already heard, every landlord will be expecting to see your SCHUFA, or credit rating score before they even consider showing you the apartment. In addition, if you are applying for a loan, you will need a SCHUFA for the bank to determine how high your interest rate will be.

SCHUFA is the largest...

Wedding - the Insider Tip for Temporary Rentals in Berlin

Tuesday, 05. February 2019 | Tenants

Wedding is the insider tip for temporary living. If you are moving to Berlin and still want to get to know the original Berlin and a largely authentic neighborhood, Wedding is a good choice. Gentrification in Wedding is still not very advanced and living space is still cheaper than in other districts.
Wedding also surprises newcomers with many large parks that invite them to relax and unwind. Those interested in culture will find something interesting in Wedding, off the beaten track.

1.) Is temporary or permanent living in Wedding expensive?
2.)Is it Wedding or “der” Wedding – “in” Wedding or “im” Wedding
3.) Does one live centrally in Wedding? What is the connection like?
4.) Who lives in Wedding?
5.) How do you live in...