Everything you need to know

about short & long term rentals

How do I get a furnished apartment?

The process is fast and simple:

  • Fill in the application form. Don’t forget to specify what kind of apartment you are looking for, and which features are important for you.
  • One of our team will send you an email or a call you back within a few hours (depending on our office opening hours: Monday-Friday, 10.00-18.00).
  • If you want to rent the apartment, or if you would like to arrange a viewing, we introduce you to the landlord, who will show you the apartment.
  • Sign the contract online, in English or German.
  • Transfer the rent and deposit to the account indicated in the rental agreement.

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Do I have to pay Crocodilian?

No - there is no commission fee for tenants. Remember, since 2015 asking for fees from tenants, even a small amount, is illegal in Germany - the owner must pay the fee.

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Are there any hidden costs?

None! The rent, as indicated on our website, is based on the set price that Crocodilian has received from the owner. You only need to add the costs for final cleaning, which most owners charge for by the hour. You can minimize this additional costs yourself by taking care of your temporary furnished apartment, and leaving it in good condition.


Can I register with the address of the furnished apartment?

Yes - however, keep in mind that the appointments for registering are hard to get quickly with the influx of professionals and tourists setting up a life in Berlin, so book it as soon as possible.

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Do I get the papers for the registration / Anmeldung (Wohnungsgeberbestätigung)?

Yes, this is one of the main benefits of renting a short-term apartment through an agency. In most cases, Crocodilian will send you the required 'Wohnungsgeberbestätigung', filled in and signed by the landlord , although some landlords prefer to send it themselves.

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Which papers do I need to apply for a furnished flat? Do I need a Schufa?

No, you don’t need a Schufa to apply for a short-term apartment with Crocodilian. You only have to send your working contract or proof of income - and have to be in Berlin for working reasons or further education.


Do I need a German bank account in order to rent a furnished flat in Berlin?

No. You can transfer the rent and the deposit from any bank account worldwide. Most tenants get a German bank account after they have registered at the Bürgeramt.


Can I pay the rent and the deposit with credit card?

No, this is not possible.


How can I pay the rent and the deposit?

Normally, you pay via bank transfer, however, if you rent an apartment and want to move in as soon as possible, it's also possible to pay in cash. Please check with the owner or Crocodilian first, and don’t forget to make sure that you receive a receipt. The rent has to be on the account of the owner, or Crocodilian, on the first or the third of the month.


Do I get an invoice for the rent?

It's normal to get an invoice in a hotel, but not when you rent an apartment – either furnished or unfurnished. Instead you will receive a rental agreement at the beginning of the tenancy.

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How much is the security deposit?

The deposit is normally the total of 1-2 monthly rents.

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Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

A security deposit is standard in Germany. The landlord has to be sure that they will receive the rent. They also need the security deposit in case you break anything in the apartment, or if it's not left in good condition.


When will the deposit be returned to my account?

According to the contract, you will get your deposit back 30 days after you have moved out at the latest, if nothing has been broken. The costs for final cleaning are deducted from the deposit.


Am I responsible for everything that may not work during my stay at the apartment?

No, not everything. If the TV suddenly does not work any more, it is very unlikely that the tenant is responsible. However, if for example you were to accidentally put a hot pot on the kitchen worktop and burn the surface, you would be responsible.


How can I be sure that the landlord will return the deposit?

In Germany, there are strict laws regarding deposits. At Crocodilian we know all our landlords, most of them for years, and we always advise owners on the legal conditions of the deposit. Make sure that you receive a handover protocol when moving in, and don't forget to notify the landlord in case anything doesn't work, whether you're responsible or not.

Most commonly, any problems around the deposit arise from final cleaning. In order to avoid this, remember to take care of your furnished apartment and leave it in a good condition.


Have all apartments been checked by Crocodilian?

Yes. We personally check every apartment to ensure that it reaches our superior standards.


Can I extend the lease?

Yes, you can, but make sure that you tell us from the beginning (even before signing the contract) that you need an option to extend the rental agreement. You then have to inform the owner and Crocodilian one month before the contract terminates whether you want to move out or stay longer.

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Why should I arrange to have liability insurance?

Liability insurance covers all kinds of damages, and is the only insurance, apart from health insurance, that you need to have. Some other insurances also cover some types of damage in furnished flats.

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What are my duties as a tenant?

  • You have to look after the apartment, keep it clean and tidy, and air it daily (to prevent mould) - especially after taking a shower
  • You should have a cleaning routine, such as removing limescale in the bathroom etc.
  • You have to pay the rent on the third working day of the month at the latest
  • You are not allowed to sublet the furnished flat
  • You are not allowed to keep a pet, cat or dog, unless you have a permission from the owner

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What's the difference between a short-term apartment renting agency like Crocodilian and a platform?

Crocodilian vs. Platform
All apartments are checked by us Any owner can register without their apartment being checked
Personal contact throughout the rental period Only pass you on to the owner
We provide support and advice for all of your questions - in several languages Customer Service has varying levels of qualification, sometimes there isn't a contact person at all.
15 years of experience Mostly start-ups
We are in Berlin Not necessarily in Berlin